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I am gladder to see your interest in knowing about me and big thanks for that.

A Small HELLO!

Mike Jones. It’s me, the founder of HI Blogging. HI Blogging is a one among get growing blogs with welcoming and greeting nature as its name. HI Blogging is a perfect place to learn and acquire information about blogging, hosting, digital marketing, technology, SEO, WordPress and more.

Inspiration that leads to Blogging

Everyday whatever question raises around me, Google is my only tutor to come up with answers or solutions. It’s quite fun to think now. Because I did not even know that I am reading blogs on Google and getting information. Later when I realized this, I inspired how informative and widely spread these blog are? Anything you are searching for, there are information-rich blogs that comes first to serve.

There I got a trigger to have a blog of my own. In similar way, HI blogging is one among such blogs relevant to blogging, SEO and more. However, I will have to agree that I am still and yet to learn infinite from the web. Thankfully, there are probloggers writing in such a way revealing secrets and helping others to succeed.

What HI Blogging is all about?

HI Blogging is all about sharing ideas, tips and strategies whatever I have learnt from my experience through blogging journey. I know, still there are majority of bloggers struggling to survive as a successful one. I would request them not to give up. Keep learning, put efforts, be persistent and patient as you might almost closest to reach your goal.

Spare your little time for reading and research in getting ideas and guidance through this HI Blogging too that writes anything related to SEO techniques, blogging, search engines, technology, WordPress, generating traffic, and more.

Over to you

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any clarifications or suggestions for mutual betterment’s. I am happy to receive signals from you to know from your perspectives and to put in action.

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