Astra Theme vs Genesis Theme (StudioPress) – Compared With Real-time Experience

Tired of revamping your site changing the themes often? Looking for fast loading, SEO-friendly, mobile responsive theme that also enables you to customize as you need? Then, you are in the right place. Here is a comparison between Genesis theme vs Astra theme.

Both are being the equally powerful WordPress theme for any niche type sites; it’s a kind of fuzzy to compare. Genesis framework is famous for its robust code and performance-centric. On the other hand, Astra theme comes handy to design websites using page builders with no coding skills.

Armed with this necessary information, let’s get into more details comparing Genesis vs Astra to assess which would be of your choice.

Genesis Theme vs Astra Theme: Isn’t a Good Comparison? Why?

Astra Theme vs Genesis ThemeYou will find two different opinions about comparing Genesis theme and Astra theme over the web. That Genesis is something like buying a completely furnished house. But you cannot make any changes to it without specific knowledge. And, Astra theme is like buying a home of the same type, but you can alter the things as you wish without any renovation skills.

So, both the theme has its own benefits and challenges. It’s up to the individual’s interest to analyze the specific features that they want and to stick on to their suitable theme.

Genesis vs Astra: The Most Recommended WordPress Themes Compared

To make your analysis diligent, make use of this shootout comparison: Astra theme vs Genesis theme. Let me at least save your time on researching.

Genesis Theme Framework

Genesis theme offers SEO-friendly and performance-guaranteed foundation to build any incredible sites. The theme is built on new code standard HTML 5 to enhance the website look, features and performance. Also, it enables cross-browser compatibility is a responsive one.

This may be true while tech geeks and developers would love to use the Genesis theme framework to design amazing sites. The theme customization is no matter if you are strong in coding. Indeed, there are no limitations. You may play around with the codes.

Otherwise, keep the Genesis theme framework idle, design your child themes to have the necessary alterations in your site. The Genesis framework updates never affect your customization and vice versa. You can choose between a plethora of Genesis child themes by StudioPress or any theme providers.

Reasons To Choose Genesis Theme

Here are some of the valid reasons you must choose the Genesis theme framework for your serious websites.

#1 Clean and neatly coded framework

By default, the Genesis theme is lightweight since it was clean and quality coding. Built-on HTML 5, it ensures appealing turnkey designs to your sites. Running a severe business let it prove its excellence online with sleek and professional websites.

Also, the Genesis theme is a complete solution for designing a site of any kind with essential attributes. As long as you are happy with its fast loading and performance, you are likely to deal with it. Otherwise, if you are a more specific and aesthetic lover, then you might need some developer assistance.

#2 Gutenberg Ready Theme

Gutenberg is the new editing feature of WordPress after its 5.0 update release. It enables you to have excellent editing experience using blocks and more features like a page builder. The Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes can seamlessly work with Gutenberg editor.
As Genesis theme supports Gutenberg editor, then it becomes unnecessary to spend extra buying any page builders.

#3 Perfect to build custom sites

I get your point; you might be a developer to tweak your website if using Genesis theme. Otherwise, you must get assistance from a freelance developer whenever you need changes.

Being a coder, you are likely to customize the theme to any extent. Hence, senior developers love to prefer Genesis for the most speedy and high-performance websites. Also, they are liable to develop their own child themes that suit their business nature.

But, with its extensive collection of child themes, you don’t require any technical assistance. Genesis child themes are multi-purpose, SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive, fast loading and also comes with more unique features.

Probably, choosing a suitable theme will help you to build a website as you desire with any coding knowledge.

#4 Focused on site performance

The simplicity of the Genesis theme is one of the primary reason people love to use it. Indeed, with essential elements, Genesis outperforms in terms of speed and performance. Since the site loading time is a crucial ranking signal, Genesis wins over.

Anyways, you can include any feature to it with its child theme or theme customization. But, only if you need it; otherwise just have the primary site that performs well. Obviously, adding more elements and features to the core would affect its performance. Even though Genesis comes with custom widgets and layout options choosing different layouts for each individual page or post.

#5 Almost everything unlimited

The single ‘Genesis’ theme license entitles you with unlimited support, updates and access to build unlimited sites. All you can get it at an affordable cost. If you are a website designing agency, get unparalleled experiencing building your multiple clients’ website at no further investment. Also, you will get lifetime access to the Genesis support team and its community forum. Connect with the expert developers to find solutions on whatever challenges you come across using Genesis themes.

#6 Security Features

The core WordPress developer and security expert Mark Jaquith reviews and ensures that the Genesis theme framework has full security features. WordPress sites are highly vulnerable by malware attacks and hackers. But, Genesis theme with its air-tight security options keeps your website safe and secured. And, it abides by the best practices of WordPress security standards.

Astra Theme

Over 3 million users built their websites and blogs with the fastest growing theme of all the time, Astra. The lightest WordPress theme that also gets you several pre-built templates to save your designing time. The one significant aspect that differs from the Genesis theme is that you don’t require coding knowledge. Just play around with the built-in WordPress visual theme customizer.

The Astra team ensures that every single line of coding is tailored towards the theme and site performance. Above all, with Astra Sites plug-in, simply import the pre-built website templates and design yours within no time.

Astra theme comes with markup that every site needs by default. This proves how SEO-friendly it is following best SEO practices of coding. Further, let’s explore more features of Astra to attest why the designers from beginners to industry leaders love Astra.

Reasons to Choose Astra theme

Still, I am not listing the whole list of features that Astra can render. But, these are some of the important aspects to prefer Astra for your incredible websites.

#1 Lightest & Performance-focused

You believe it or not, Astra theme is only about or less than 50 KB size. Being performance conscious, it is outstanding in its way, whereas other WordPress themes would be in 100’s KB. There is no render-blocking jQuery that affects the performance of your website.

The website with default WordPress data loads within 0.5 seconds being the lightest WordPress theme. Astra theme is by an expert team who are serious in following industry coding standards.

#2 Vast Library of Pre-built Websites

You will find several websites built with Astra on your favorite page builders, that are conversion optimized. Just navigate through the demo sites and select which you feel might suit your blog or business type. Within a click, nab other designer’s creativity and design efforts to build your site. Astra Sites plug-in help you importing your desired website template from the library.

Before choosing, to make sure your choice is perfect, run speed tests on the demo sites and go with it. These readily available website templates would give more clearance about how the theme will look like when it is live.

#3 Easy Customization with no Coding skills

The sturdy design options and site layouts enable you to make over your website as you wish. You don’t need to be a developer or hire a coder. Astra Pro allows you to choose between multiple inbuilt header and footer options. The sticky header will enable visitors to access your menu from any part of the page.

Especially, optimizing the site towards mobile devices is most crucial. In that case, the Astra theme’s mobile header allows you to customize and adjust header elements like logo, menu styles, etc. for the mobile users.

Likewise, abundant features are preventing you to even touch the coding for any level of customization. It includes different layout options like boxed, full-width, fluid and spacing control, default container, etc.

#4 Plug-ins Compatibility

Understanding the demand of the industry leaders or even the start-ups, Astra team develops the theme. Astra seamlessly works with most of the favorite tools and plug-ins. It includes Elementor, BeaverBuilder, LifterLMS, LearnDash, Yoast, etc.

In terms of SEO, built-in markup is exclusively an amazing feature in Astra theme. Like the Genesis theme, Astra theme is also compatible with Gutenberg editor of WordPress. Just eliminate the page builders and go with Astra with the combination of WordPress Gutenberg editor.

#5 WooCommerce Integration

For eCommerce users, its compatibility with WooCommerce plug-ins makes it easier to build a stunning online store. Astra offers unlimited unique eCommerce features and customization options. It provides the fastest, intuitive and flexible integration with WooCommerce matching your brand.

Chris Lema, the VP of LiquidWeb, stated that he has been testing over 50 themes for WooCommerce – both performance and pricing-wise. Astra dominates and hence, he recommends it.

Making your online store faster boosts conversion rate. Other than this, the infinite scrolling, grid settings, quick view, color variations, etc. can empower your eCommerce site user experience.

#6 Support and Documentation

You are not alone. The team is readily available on board to render 24/7 support. Just a simple email inquiry will do. Also, you will find more video tutorials and practical demonstration to understand every edge and features of Astra for effective designing.

Astra’s knowledge base often comes up with valuable articles that you might be seeking for solutions. Upon every update or feature release, refer to those pages for better understanding.

Genesis Theme Vs Astra Theme: Which One To Choose?

The standard features between these two popular WordPress theme are –

  • Performance-focused
  • Quality-coded and lightweight
  • Fast loading themes
  • Proper documentation
  • Extensive customer support
  • Highly recommended by experts

Despite all these, there are some unique features, ups and downs in each. Let’s compare Genesis and Astra on such aspects.

# Customization Feasibility

With Genesis, you are likely to have a basic website that has all the essential elements. Still, you want to improve the look and functionality of the site, and then go with any Genesis child theme that suits you. Otherwise, hire a developer to customize the coding to the core, if you are not a coder.

In the case of Astra, you don’t need developer assistance. Almost it comes with custom layouts, widgets, and more customization options. Just change the appearance of the website as you wish within a few clicks.

To the bottom line, if you are in the mood of writing codes, then Genesis is an excellent choice. Otherwise, go with Astra for building beautiful sites without even disturbing the theme coding.

# Page Builder Compatibility

Genesis theme seamlessly works with plug-ins and tools like Beaver Builder, Genesis Palette Pro for customization needs. Still, you don’t want to add more multiple plug-ins and page builders like junks? Then, just have the core site built on the Genesis theme framework. Otherwise, combine it with any StudioPress/Genesis child themes. Alternatively, customize the codes to revamp your website as you need.

On the other hand, Astra comes with abundant customization features. If you want to make changes to your site, you may go with its default customization options. Otherwise, use some influential page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc.

For more in-depth customization like tweaking the theme code, you have to be a premium user of Astra Pro. Anyways, you must be a developer to touch the codes.

# Developer friendly

Though Astra theme is easy to customize, you are set to play around with the default options. But, being the stable theme framework in the WordPress industry, Genesis wins over the hearts and minds of the industry-leading developers. Those who love coding and spend time to alter their site appearance to the core are likely to prefer Genesis.

Genesis is stable one that less often gets updated. Whatever, changes you would like to have, achieve it creating child themes.

Astra may be the favorite choice for start-ups and beginners who are not stable in technical coding. Basically, the time saver theme to simply import the pre-built websites and build your site.

# WooCommerce Integration

Astra theme is more flexible to integrate with WooCommerce plug-in ensuring fastest performance and hence high conversion. The theme comes with extensive options to improve the user experience of your online store. Here, Astra is a recommended theme for shopping or online retail stores. So, you don’t have to ditch your time researching for the best WordPress theme.

Genesis with its child themes is very much compatible for e-commerce sites. You will get several fast loading and responsive themes for any e-commerce niche. Only thing, you will have to choose the fast loading and feature-rich WordPress theme for high-performing online shopping sites.

# Pricing

The low price on Genesis themes entitles you with unlimited updates, unlimited support and unlimited websites. So, purchasing a single Genesis theme framework can help to save your money building any number of sites. Purchase Genesis child themes from reliable theme providers like StudioPress for designing amazing websites.

Other than this, you have to invest in hiring a developer. You must take this cost into account as well.

Astra theme may be a low-cost one too. Still, you have to spend extra on page builders in case you wish to have. Anyways, their renewal charges will be hitting your pocket yearly, whereas Genesis claims your one-time investment for building unlimited sites. Also, you will have to spill out some additional bucks to buy add-ons for WooCommerce, Elementor, etc. if you required.

You will get 100% money back guarantee on both Genesis and Astra theme purchase within particular days.

Exclusive Comparison: StudioPress Themes vs Astra Theme

Buying StudioPress Pro Plus package, get you the Genesis theme framework, access to all StudioPress themes, and unlimited features, updates, etc.

StudioPress/Genesis child themes are multi-purpose themes, built on robust Genesis framework. Hence, no doubt about its responsiveness, fast loading and theme features. Also, it has niche-specific themes to match your blog nature or brand.

Alternatively, Astra theme is a kind of new player in the industry, but yet to go a long way.

Highlights of Genesis Framework vs Astra Themes Comparison

From my personal experience, I prefer Astra than Genesis. Since it ensures incredible loading speed and performance by default. Here are some of the key take aways comparing Astra theme vs Genesis theme.

  • Both are lightweight, fast loading & responsive WordPress themes
  • Astra is available for free whereas you have to pay for Genesis even to get hands-on
  • You may buy StudioPressAll InOne Package to access Genesis framework & StudioPress themes, updates, and support. Similarly, Astra Agency Bundles are available for web developing agencies.
  • Both Genesis & Astra are fully functional with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg.
  • Whenever you update the Genesis framework, the customizations you do in child themes are unaffected. Similarly, using child theme generator, you can create your custom child theme for Astra as well.
  • Astra pre-built sites made designing a website for startups even, no additional cost for you. No such ready demo sites to import in case of Genesis.
  • Pricing would be almost similar comparing both Astra vs Genesis.
  • Astra and Genesis, both themes ensure seamless integration with WooCommerce plug-in. Further, Astra is popular for its compatibility with LearnDash, LifterLMS, and most of the popular site builders; whereas, Genesis lags behind.
  • Genesis would be the choice for coders, whereas Astra is best for any level of web expertise.

Final Take Away: Astra vs Genesis

Genesis theme vs Astra theme: both the themes are worth investing in. Genesis theme and Astra theme are both the recommended WordPress themes by the expert designers and bloggers.

In the case of Genesis, for the more aesthetic-rich site, you will have to purchase child themes. That’s not the case is Astra. You will have to buy Astra Pro theme for unlimited features.

The simple criteria to check to choose between Genesis theme and Astra theme is: you are good at coding or not. If you are a developer and doesn’t love changing your website look and appearance often, then Genesis must be your choice. Also, if you are a web designing agency, single Genesis license can save you huge bucks building the unlimited number of sites.

Otherwise, if you are zero in coding, then go with Astra theme. The lightest WordPress theme that loads much faster even though you have a media-rich site.

What do you think? Do you love coding? Or, you don’t want to waste your time coding? Do you wish to use the pre-built templates you design a beautiful website?

It’s now your turn to pick your suitable theme between Genesis theme vs Astra theme.

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