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Top 3 Best Black Friday Dedicated Server Deals {2022} → Live Offers & Discounts – Avail Today!

Dedicated hosting essentially means that your website has its own server all to itself. Naturally, this offers immense power & flexibility – but like everything good in life, it too usually comes at a premium. Being so, it’s very important to do your research before opting for these kinds of big plans, especially with black Friday around the corner.

To help find you the best-dedicated hosting server plans & save you some bucks in the process, we’ve below reviewed 3 of the top dedicated server providers & the best black Friday dedicated server deals worth investing in today.

For a faster, better website, let’s get started;

Best Black Friday Dedicated Server Deals – Why Dedicated Hosting Matters?

Exclusivity breeds reliability. And with dedicated hosting, the “reliability” translates to better stability & fewer crashes to your sites. Your sites will have more resources to enjoy during peak periods, and if you have a rich multimedia front end, you will have ALL the bandwidth to run them without troubles. And hey, this is all besides the better web designs & improved speed and performance this hosting system undoubtedly brings us.

Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than shared hosting (we’ll help with that in a bit), but for the flexibility & sheer extra perks it brings, it’s a no-brainer of an investment. Enjoy the best of storage, bandwidth, and power to host your business.

Top 3 Dedicated Server Hosting In 2022 (Best Black Friday Dedicated Server Deals)

Whether you are dealing with a rise in immediate traffic or is anticipating growth in the near future, dedicated servers are crucial to meet your goals.

Here are our favorites;

1) LiquidWeb – Best Black Friday Sale For Dedicated Server Deals & Offers

With super reliable data centers in the EU and the US, LiquidWeb is known for its lightning-fast & reliable dedicated hosting services. With over 20 years of critic excellence, they’re available in over 130 countries – indeed, they are great.

Performance-wise, they 360ms ping is one of the best in existence, period! We noted an impressive 99.99% uptime in our tests, with just 2 minutes of downtime recorded in 2 months. Even the cheapest plans come with 240 GB SSD drives for backup. The integrated Cloudflare CDN ensures full speed all the time, even at peak traffic.

Factor in other security perks like load balancers, VPN Firewalls, etc… And you are sure to be satisfied no matter the need!

Liquid Web Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Limited-Time Savings

Cloud VPS 2 GB RAM – $1,056 in total savings

Free 100 GB Backup + $30/month for a 12-month prepaid plan

Dedicated Server Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 – $1,680 in total savings

Free Double RAM + $140.00/month for a 12-month prepaid plan

Dedicated Server Intel Xeon 4108 – $2,640 in total savings

$119.00/month for a 24-month prepaid plan

VPS Monthly Plans

60% OFF three months monthly plan  + Free 100GB Cloud Backup

Dedicated Monthly Plans

60% OFF three months monthly plan

The Pros

  •  Superior server uptime (99.99%) guarantee
  •  Advanced DDoS guard
  •  Professional grade SSD storage (starting from two 240 GB SSD drives)
  •  1 TB SATA backups for extra data security
  •  Fully customizable with support for both Linux & windows
  •  Free SSL & migration

The Cons

  • Though it’s definitely worth it, the plan prices are a bit on the higher side


Even with the cheapest plans, you are getting up to 32 GB of RAM, and a 3.95 H processor with four CPU cores, so performance is unbeatably great. There are no slowdowns or crashes. Even the multimedia-rich pages load quickly. The SSD makes everything so snappy. The 5 TB bandwidth should be enough for most small to medium businesses.

With class-leading servers & Cloudflare CDN boosting your content delivery speed, nor you or your visitors never have to wait for anything.

Customer service

Without a doubt, Liquid Web’s customer service is phenomenal. From running health checks, installing & updating operating systems & issuing proactive warnings for threats, they will handle everything. Support is available 24/7/365, and you can reach them through phone, mail & ticket systems with guaranteed quick response.

Pricing plans

From small blogs to major online businesses, LiquidWeb has a slew of dedicated server hosting plans for, well, almost everybody. Starting from $199 all the ways up to $549, you can upgrade RAM, bandwidth, storage, backup storage, etc…

With the best black Friday dedicated server deals, you can enjoy up to 60% money-saving discounts on all dedicated server hosting plans.

Money-back guarantee

Usually, a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered with all of (with a few exceptions) LiquidWeb’s hosting plans, be it shared or dedicated.

2) Bluehost – Best Dedicated Server Black Friday Offer

A part of the global hosting giant EIG (Endurance international group), Bluehost is known for the top performance & reliable global coverage. Sure, they may not be the fastest, but you get some excellent features for a relatively low cost.

They offer a 99.99% uptime with powerful servers in the US, the EU, and Asia for maximum coverage for starters. Though not lightning fast, the 720ms ping is nothing to scoff at. Most websites should be nicely satisfied. Do note that they only offer Linux servers. That said, the free cPanel subscription does help take the edge off the former’s sting. Further, you also get a free SSL certificate to cut costs. There is, however, no DDoS protection here.

Even with the cheapest plan, you get three IP addresses. Bluehost is also a WordPress recommended hosting service if that matters to you.

Bluehost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Bluehost Discount: Grab Up To 60% OFF

30-days Money-back Guarantee

The Pros

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Considerable support for a slew of CMS platforms
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Free site backups
  • 1-click script installation support
  • Free cPanel

The Cons

  • Not the fastest, nor have the largest storage (capped at 500GB HDD)
  • No DDoS protection


Bluehost’s cheapest dedicated server plan comes with 4GB RAM and a 4 core 2.3Hz CPU, so it is very far from the fastest hosting out there. There is also no SSD support, either. That said, Bluehost, thankfully, is quite reliable (and also safer) nonetheless. With advanced SiteLock Pro features, your site’s data is well protected across the web.

The hosting works perfectly with the WordPress Eco-system, and you also get access to root, SSH, and RAID 1 mirrored storage.

Customer service

Bluehost currently offers 24/7 phone and chat support to all its customers with every single one of their plans. Their responses are fast, short, and straight to the point, as you’d expect from wonderful customer support.

Pricing plans

As far as their affordable dedicated server hosting services go, you’ve several options starting as low as $109 per month & can be outfitted with up to 1 TB of hard drive space, 16GB of RAM, and bandwidth up to 15TB per month.

Despite being already affordable, you can further get 60% – 75% off across all their plans with the best black Friday dedicated server deals 2021.

Money-back guarantee

Bluehost conveniently offers a brilliant 100% money-back guarantee, which you can avail within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their services. This offer, however, is not applicable to set up/domain registration fees, and add-ons services

3) HostGator – Best Dedicated Server Black Friday Coupon

While recent years have been pretty tough on them, HostGator is still a wonderful dedicated server hosting solution to consider if you are a budget. That said, do note that you may’ve to pay extra once the initial period is over.

HostGator currently has data centers only in the US, and their speed is also not what it’s used to be, now averaging around 1090ms. That said, they ARE still quite reliable though, having a very workable 99.86% uptime. Servers come in both windows & Linux formats, with a free cPanel for both configurations across all prices.

Other main features are root access, DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage, an IP based firewall. Also, you get unlimited databases and more.

HostGator Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Start Date: Wednesday, November 25th at 1:00 PM CST

End Date: Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59 PM CST

HostGator Discount: Enjoy Up To 75% OFF

The Pros

  • One-click installations
  • Highly intuitive and easy dashboard and cPanel features
  • Free email marketing tool for three months
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free domain
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

The Cons

  • Lower storage capacity (500GB HDD)
  • Unfortunately, you can’t choose your desired data centers


Geared to deliver a reliable hosting experience, HostGator – even with their cheapest plan – comes with a decent 8GB RAM and a 4 core 2.1GHz processor. You get 1 TB HDD storage, which is upgradable to SSD with higher-tier plans. Furthermore, you get unmetered bandwidth, and 3 custom IP addresses with every plan.

Since HostGator is a managed, dedicated hosting solution, it will monitor your servers 24/7 & offer automated updated for better performance.

Customer care

While not exactly perfect, HostGator does have a pretty decent 24/7 phone and live chat support, and normally, you do get your answers quite fast enough once you get through to them. Overall, it’s helpful and gets the job done.

Pricing plans

HostGator’s dedicated hosting plans start from $89.98 a month with a three-year commitment. That said, this is just the introductory pricing, and after renewal, be ready to pay up a regular rate of $189/a month after.

With the new best black Friday dedicated server deals, you can now enjoy 70% off and get a free domain alongside the discount.

Money-back guarantee

Unfortunately, HostGator doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. We feel you’re better off trying their service for one month at the premium tier price and then switch to a longer plan to reduce the cost better.

Best Dedicated Server Black Friday Deals – Frequently Asked Questions

Even with the lucrative best black Friday deals, investing in a dedicated server is still a huge and long term commitment.

Here’s a brief FAQ to help you decide with confidence;

1) When is this year’s (2021) Black Friday event?

Armed with the biggest yet deals on dedicated servers, this year’s Black Friday comes on Friday, 27 November – don’t miss it!

2) will migrating my website hard & expensive?

No, not really. All of the dedicated hosting providers listed above offer free or low-cost migration services in an easy, fast manner.

3) What if I don’t want to continue with the deal on dedicated servers?

No worries! Almost all of the best dedicated server hosting providers offer at least a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try them out without any issues.

Best Black Friday Discounts For Dedicated Server Deals – The Conclusion

A dedicated server is your one-stop solution when high performance, security, and speeds are essential to your websites. Such platforms are great for small-medium businesses from just cooking blogs to retailer sites and everything in between.

Again, they are expensive. However, with the best black Friday dedicated server deals, we have listed above, you can now get crazy discounts on some of the best-dedicated servers to reduce your hosting expenses. Enjoy faster loading websites with rich stability and performance as these hosting plans (with discounts!) can help you realize your websites’ full potential – bringing in more traffic & thus earnings. Do note that these deals are time-limited, so we suggest you better get them before they run out.

As always, please refresh this page frequently for all the latest Black Friday deals & offers, as we will continue to update them every hour!

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