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Best Cyber Monday Deals For Writers & Freelancers 2022 → Live Offers & Discounts – Avail Today!

Who knows – these best Cyber Monday deals for writers may be a game-changer in your writing career. As a freelance writer or blogger, or even a business website owner, spending a little money on any writing assistant tool can make a big difference in promoting your brand voice. Enhance your writing skill as an individual and optimize content marketing strategy as a business with error-free writings.

But what are those best writing tools? We asked the experts, and below, we have listed & reviewed our top three picks – enjoy;

Best Cyber Monday Deals For Writers – When Quality Matters!

Whether you struggle to be on top of your classes or just simply need a helping hand with a few of your work writings, it’s a “must” that you use the best writing tools. Only they can offer that certain “polish” that quality warrants.

With a good content checker, it’s possible to:

  • Find out and fix all sorts of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Helps Improve your writing style
  • Help save time & effort
  • Help work within regulatory/ethical limits and rules

Indeed, they can clear any writing errors you make, and being online; they are always there to help whenever or wherever you need it.

Best Cyber Monday Writers Deals – Top 3 Tools For High-Quality Writing

Writing tools are a dime a dozen, but what are the best ones? Find below 3 of the best writing tool that can help you be a writer of epic awesomeness:

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#1 Grammarly – Best Content Writers Cyber Monday Offer

As far as online spell checkers go, Grammarly rules the roost. It’s an “all in one” writing tool that can help remedy everything from spelling errors, missed words to grammar errors and more, including plagiarism issues.

The pros

  • Cross-platform support (works with all major browsers & operating systems)
  • Integrated
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Clean & stylish UI
  • Class-leading grammar and spell checking qualities

The cons

  • Doesn’t offer offline editing support (yet)
  • Pretty pricey


Contextually scanned, Grammarly offers real-time proofreading that super accurate. The errors are highlighted & fixes can be applied with just a click. The UI is clean and minimal, which ensures no distractions when you’re typing away.

Customer support

In case you face any bothers, you can easily get help via Grammarly’s knowledgebase or through their 24/7 Email chat support.

Pricing plans

Available on monthly, quarterly, or annual billing, Grammarly premium starts at $25.95 per month. A limited free version is also available.

Money-back guarantee

Not impressed by Grammarly? You can easily stake a refund claim within 10 days to get your money back – it’s that easy!

#2 ProWritingAid – Best Content Writing Cyber Monday Coupon

A favorite for fiction writers, ProWritingAid can – in real-time – flag and fix your writing errors with absolute ease. The contextual library helps a lot to improve your vocabulary & writing while also serving as a top plagiarism deterrent.

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The pros

  • Gives fixes & clear explanations on all grammar and style corrections
  • A class-leading plagiarism checker
  • The word “Mentor” coach help improve your writing quality
  • User friendly

The cons

  • The free version is restricted to 500 words
  • No Mac integration for MS Word


The UI is both modern & easy to use. However, the highlight is the “mentor” feature, which helps you learn better the more you use PWA. Errors are quick to be fixed, and we loved the fact that there is also Scrivener support.

Customer support

Available via phone, live chats, and tickets, ProWritingAid’s care team is always there to help you out with your writing issues 24/7/365.

Pricing plans

A 1-year long ProWritingAid subscription cost you just $79. There is also a lifetime option available that retails for $240.

Money-back guarantee

You can try out ProWritingAid premium risk-free for 14 days. If you don’t like it, you can stake a claim for a 100% refund.

#3 WhiteSmoke – Best Cyber Monday Writers Offer

A brilliant alternative to Grammarly, you get almost all the same features: a contextual grammar and spell checker, a plagiarism detector, cross-platform support, good UI, and more… but all under a far lower price tag.

The pros

  • Powerful
  • grammar checker with built-in plagiarism detector, sentence rephrase, and more
  • Multiplatform support (with mobile apps)
  • Highly fast & accurate
  • Support full verbatim translations across 55 languages

The cons

  • The mobile application comes at an additional cost
  • No free plans


Look past the simple UI & WhiteSmoke is a killer. Nothing escapes its scans – be it spelling or grammar errors, punctuation or passive voice, etc. The built-in plagiarism checker help make sure your work is kept original at all times.

Customer support

WhiteSmoke’s customer care support includes an FAQ, video tutorials, forums, etc… along with email, live chats, and tickets to help address your issues.

Pricing plans

Billed annually, the basic WhiteSmoke “Essential” plans start at $5, the “premium” at $6.66, and the “Business” plan at $11.50.

Money-back guarantee

White smoke comes with a 31-day money-back policy, which allows you to easily get your money back ASAP in case you’re not satisfied.

Best Cyber Monday Sale For Article Writers – Frequently Asked Questions

We seen the tools, we found the deals – if you still have a few doubts, here’s an FAQ to help clear them all out:

1) Can grammar checkers work offline?

Yes, but not all of them. Besides, even with the ones that can work offline, you will only get a half-baked, limited experience as extra features like plagiarism detectors & style checkers needs to be online to work.

2) Are the best Cyber Monday discounts for writers, time limited?

Yes, indeed, they are. In fact, in many cases, this is your last chance this year to grab these killer savings, so hurry up!

Best Cyber Monday Deals For Freelancers – Grab Them Today!

The top 3 writing tools we reviewed above represents the best the niche has to offer. With their help, say goodbye to content errors forever!

With such quality, you’d think they’ll be expensive. Well, no – with the best cyber Monday deals for writers and freelancers, you can get these tools with massive savings. This is your chance to improve your writing prowess better – don’t miss it!

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