Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools 2021 To Avoid Plagiarism!

It’s official: whether you’re a blogger, writer, student, or anybody whose livelihood depends on great writing, best duplicate content checker tools are a necessity these days – and hey, frankly, why wouldn’t it be?

As a blogger & author, I often get frustrated when people copy amazing content from one blog and paste it over another – especially MY articles. Yup, I get even more annoyed when I see a far awesome SERP rank for the copied article than my original one – yup, I’m sure that even you are fed up with these “Copy’ writers too, am I right?

Well, today’s your lucky day. For the sake of all the genuine writers out there, we’ll be talking about 5 of the best duplicate content checker tools ever created – detailing their reviews, top features, pros, cons, etc.

So without any further ado,

Let’s begin;

Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools Always!

To be clear: being inspired and plagiarism are totally different things. On the former, only the basic idea gets adopted, with the rest being original. With plagiarism, however, the whole thing gets copied, often word to word. Obviously, this is bad writing etiquette, not to mention the injustice of it all the original writers & their readers.

Besides, Google also hates copied contents, which, if not careful, can ruin your SEO or, worse yet, get you even penalized.

So the queries arise; what’s the best way to avoid plagiarism? Surely, there’ll be a tool or two that can help with such issues, right?

Well, as it did turn out, there are such tools;

Best Duplicate Content Checkers Online

With the new best duplicate content checker tools, you can now easily protect your hard works from getting plagiarized by baddies, find & take action against those who have already robbed/plagiarized your work, etc. Yeah, for publishers and editors, these can be a lifesaver for obvious reasons.

In other words, these amazing tools can help keep your work yours, and not some non-creative guy’s keyboard shenanigans.

Here are our top 3 choices for the same;

Top 3 Best Duplicate Content Checker Software To Avoid Plagiarism 2021!

Spelling doom for plagiarism, here’s a look at 3 of the best free duplicate content checker tools that’s currently available today for purchase

Offered in no particular order –

Let’s start;

#1 Grammarly

Grammarly Online Checker

Inaugurating our listicle for best online duplicate content checker tools, we have Grammarly – a very massively popular online “all-in-one” word editor that plagiarism proofs your hard works and refine it, killing typos & errors.

For starters, “Grammarly claims to scan over 16 billion web pages in its pursuit to highlight any, and all plagiarism’s within your texts, highlighting the citations and offering the sources needed to corroborate the same” – and mostly, it delivers. The detailing of the duplicate checking reports is very impressive, with detailed feedback on word choice, clarity, sentence structures, and conciseness, among others. The other perks include a fully-fledged word editor for all your grammar & punctuation checking needs.

At the moment, the built-in plagiarism checker is limited to premium users. But hey, it’s definitely worth the extra bucks. You can use this tool on Windows, Mac, chrome, and as a keyboard app for both iOS & Android.

The pros

  • All in one proofreading suite
  • Powerful, speedy plagiarism checker with a database of 16 billion web pages and growing for max accuracy
  • You can choose between US/UK writing styles, content nature, add new words, sentence rephrasing, etc.
  • A highly feature-packed free version (ideal for casual writers & students)
  • Vast cross-platform support

The cons

  • Only “pro” Premium users can access the plagiarism checker
  • It’s not exactly foolproof

User opinion

“As a writer, I trust Grammarly to keep all my work from getting copied. And so far, it hasn’t failed me yet, not even once”

#2 ProWritingAid


Costing at only $50 a year, ProWritingAid might be one of the cheapest best duplicate content checker tools on the planet. But hey, that doesn’t mean it’s any less good. In fact, its quite the opposite – we’ll explain.

Kicking off, PWA is very easy to use – just enter the content in question by pasting or uploading them (Docx, pdf, txt…), hit check & boom! The tool will instantly scan the contents across a billion web pages and mark the plagiarized bits in highlight, ready to be acted upon. The accuracy itself is pretty good.

The tool often spotted even the smallest similarities without any fail. All this goodness, however, comes at a price: the speed. You see, PWA is one of the slowest free duplicate content checkers out there, especially when compared with the other two entrants in this very review itself – just pointing it out.

Other than that, everything else is awesome. We loved the built-in powerful punctuation/grammar checker with consistency proofer, sentence rephraser, etc…the fact that it also has 256-bit encryption is plenty cool as well.

The pros

  • Minimal, easy to use interface
  • The built-in, solid plagiarism checker can better help your writings fight against plagiarism with absolute ease
  • Extremely capable grammar and punctuation checkers (with inbuilt a vocabulary builder & writing style coach
  • Highly secure 256-bit content protection
  • Quite affordable

The cons

  • The accuracy of the plagiarism checker is passable at best
  • Rarely has some performance issues, especially when dealing with huge, single content and documents

User opinion

“As far as budget plagiarism checkers go, ProWritingAid has nailed it. It’s powerful, intuitive, detects easily – what’s not to love?”

#3 WhiteSmoke


In the third and last entry in our list on best duplicate content checker tools, WhiteSmoke is a compelling plagiarism checker to consider. You can both check your work for copy contents as well as typos & other errors in one place.

Armed with a design that’s very minimal & easy on the eyes, WhiteSmoke built-in plagiarism checker can – when engaged – literally bring forth every plagiarized bit in any given content, all within seconds. Of course, the accuracy is phenomenal too. In our testing, we found to be a worthy match to that of Grammarly, which is saying something. The other perks of WhiteSmoke include the grammar, spell, style, and punctuation checkers, plus a powerful WhiteSmoke translator that now supports over 50+ world languages.

WhiteSmoke currently works across a plethora of platforms like Windows, Mac OS, chrome & Firefox through plugins and even has apps for both androids and iOS too – Making it an excellent choice for writers on the go.

The pros

  • User-friendly design
  • Powerful plagiarism checker with smart, AI – fuelled algorithms for faster, more precise copy checking results.
  • Excellent grammar, punctuation and literary error checking capabilities
  • Built-in translator (supports 50+ languages)
  • Cross-platform support

The cons

  • The plagiarism checker slightly lags behind Grammarly’s offering
  • No free plan

User opinion

“With WhiteSmoke, I just found my new best friend. Its plagiarism checker is nice, as with everything else it offers – love it”

Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools – Frequently Asked Questions

With that, we’ve reviewed the top # best online duplicate content checker tools 2021. I hope that has told you everything you need to know about them. What’s that? Have more queries? Turn your attention to the FAQ session below

Go ahead, ask away;

1) What is the best online duplicate content checker software? How does it work?

A plagiarism checker is software that’s available over the internet that can check a document or a certain portion of a document for duplicate or copied/plagiarized contents wherever they are on the web.

It works by scanning the web for other uses of the same phrases, terms, or quotes. In some cases, it can also detect similarities in wording and para-phrasing. The more sensitive the best duplicate content checker software is the better.

2) Is the best duplicate content checker tools essential?

Yes, of course. Putting aside the sheer indecency of copying someone else’s hard work and peddling it as your own, plagiarism can also wreak havoc with your SEO efforts, as google hates copied contents. If not careful, it can destroy your ranking rates, affect your online trustfulness, and even get you penalized.

In other words, these duplicate content checker softwares are must-have for every writer, blogger, or anyone whose lives revolves around writing.

3) Can I use them without the internet? How safe are they?

Unfortunately, you cannot use any best duplicate content checker tools without the internet. They require access to their database – which is held online – to help cross-match & search for any plagiarism across contents.

As for their safety, just relax. They are all well secure & have excellent privacy policies to protect your data from any mishaps.

Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools – The Conclusion

According to recent research, it’s been revealed that nearly 30% of all web pages out there contain plagiarized content. I know this is a shocker. But sad to say, no content is ever safe from the annoyance of duplication.

It’s a never-ending problem, yes. But one that can still is controlled – thanks to all the best duplicate content checker tools out there. With their help, you can easily find any duplication, find their details & take appropriate action against them.

As for finding the “right” plagiarism checker for you, just read the above reviews, their perks, pros, cons & choose the right one for you.

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