Best Expert Roundup Posts

Best Expert Roundup Posts {Featured 15+ Blog Resources Page}

When you have no time to write content that performs like a star, run an expert roundup. No offense.

Here is a compilation to get you some ideas about how experts from various aspects of online marketing conduct expert roundup. A few but not all popular expert roundups by various bloggers are here for you. Let’s call it the best expert roundup posts over the web.

Expert Roundups At A Glance

Even we have published a few expert rounds on some exciting topics like hosting mistakes, how to blog consistently, etc.

Sure, you might have published one or at least participated in someone’s roundups.

Why expert roundup is such a powerful content strategy?

An expert roundup post can get you –

  • Expert exposure
  • Gets you authority
  • Ton of social shares

Sounds simple!

Best Expert Roundup Posts Online: Top Blog Resources Page

Check out these best expert roundups in different niches before planning for your next roundups. Most importantly, it gets you an opportunity to get connected with influencers in your industry and build a network.

Best Marketing Roundups

Indeed, it’s majorly about online or digital marketing. Most of the businesses started shifting to online for better exposure and significant ROI. And, digital marketing involves a plethora of aspects like SEO, email marketing, blogging, etc. Here are some of the expert roundups on marketing, in general.

#1 Marketing Productivity Tips

In this roundup, 11 marketing experts shared their tips to help you stay productive all the time. You can explore strategic ideas to keep yourself engaged in any best marketing practices you employ with better productivity.

#2 Best Digital Marketing Strategies

Indeed, blogging becomes one of the core parts of digital marketing. You don’t believe, 81% of U.S. online customers trust information and advice from blogs to make their purchases. Here 35+ bloggers share their best digital marketing strategies. Why don’t we trust them and try to follow?

#3 Best Affiliate Marketing Tips

Nothing but how to leverage your marketing potential and interests to make money online. Affiliate marketing helps many bloggers to lead their life; they don’t even imagine before. Let’s get some proven tips from those affiliate marketing experts to grow our affiliate sales and income.

Best Blogging Roundups

Those who hate 9 to 5 desk jobs are likely to become bloggers. That makes sense. Blogging is not just to make money online. You take responsibility to spread your knowledge in a specific area and informative resources to the seekers through blogging. How to blog effectively? Here are some of the interesting roundup posts about blogging.

#1 Bloggers Mistakes

Mistakes are common. But, learning from others can help you save time, effort, and resources greatly. Likewise, 17+ blogging experts suggest 3 common blogging mistakes that bloggers make. Fortunately, they also help you with tips to fix those mistakes. Explore it.

Best Social Media Roundups

Social media platforms have a vital role in promoting your brands/businesses online. But, you need a strategy to yield better results. You need an analysis of things like – which social media channel works better for your business, where most of your target audiences are from, etc. Check out an expert roundup articles about promotions through various social media networks.

#1 TikTok Social Media Promotions

Surprisingly, TikTok is one of the world’s most downloaded apps in 2019. In this roundup post, you will get to know should marketers use TikTok for their online promotions and how to create a TikTok social media strategy.

#2 Successful Social Media Actions

110+ successful entrepreneurs are sharing the most successful social media actions that gain more traction. If your business greatly relies on social media promotions for its growth, you must access these expert’s actions to replicate or improve your social media strategy.

#3 Instagram Marketing

When you want your Instagram account to stand out, you should personalize it. Connect with people exploring the Instagram marketing tips from social media strategists. You will get more ideas to optimize your Instagram profile for better business promotions.

Best SEO Roundups

SEO becomes the favorite digital marketing strategy for most of the businesses now since it ensures great ROI. Indeed, it gives long-term benefits too. But SEO is not an easy game. You have to be updated with the latest search algorithms and strategies that work. Here are a few expert rounds on various SEO topics.

#1 Top SEO Strategies

I understand SEO strategies that work well last month may not be fruitful today. Still, understanding the expert’s SEO strategies is super essential. Here you go – 30+ experts share the top SEO strategies that work for them.

#2 First SEO Mistakes

Unlike other strategies, even a tiny mistake you make in SEO campaigns might ruin your long-time efforts. So, make sure you learn SEO properly and practice it at the right time. Here are some of the first SEO mistakes by experts in the industry.

#3 Link Building Criteria

Backlinks are ever crucial. But, most people still think that the more links, the better. But that’s not the case. Quality of the backlinks matters. So, let’s see how SEO professionals evaluate their backlinks and build quality links.

#4 Writing Lessons

As Janice Wald believes, content is not the King; the results are! How writing is challenging (driving in the Dark without Map) and how to become a great writer. Learn writing lessons from the 25+ authors in this roundup post.

Best Email Marketing Roundups

For any sized business, email marketing proves to be the most effective marketing campaign. But, it happens only when it is done right. There are plenty of email marketing tools and services in the market. Get to know what is the expert’s choice and recommendations.

#1 Best Practices Of Email Marketing

Not all email marketing campaigns are successful. It’s all about how you segment your subscribers, a/b testing, CTA’s, and more. Know the best practices of email marketing from the thought leaders in the market.

Best Ecommerce Roundups

Global ecommerce booms exponentially, and it is expected to grow. A few digitally native brands are even experimenting with voice ecommerce. If you are already into and about to start a digital store, you must stay top of ecommerce trends and strategies.

#1 Ecommerce Tips

In this roundup article, more than 17 E-commerce and Amazon experts share their #1 E-commerce tips. Make sure to read the whole to get more #1 tip that works for other ecommerce giants.

#2  Increase eCommerce conversions

The rise in technology and big data for customer behavior analysis inspired retailers to stay top on trends. Check out the top retail trends in 2020 and boost conversions. 16 eCommerce experts shared their hacks.

Best Web Designing Roundups

Web designing, indeed, it doesn’t require designing skills these days. With the great evolution in the designing tools and customizing options, designing an online platform will never be a nightmare. Especially, WordPress and its themes, builders, plug-ins, blocks, integrations, etc. are amazing.

#1 Creating A Professional Business Logo

Branding is super essential for any business these days. Trust factor or brand credibility plays a vital role in tweaking the customer’s heart and mind. A professionally designed custom business logo can stay in their mind and keep reminding you. Here, 27 graphic designers share their tips to design a professional business logo.

#2 Website Conversion Optimization Tips

Conversion is what every business needs to be successful. Though the web has a bunch of hacks to improve your conversions, singling-out the strategy that works for you is a key. Here 14 blogging experts share their no. 1 website conversion optimization tips. Explore it.

Creating An Expert Roundup Of Your Own

By the way, you don’t have to break your mind to create a successful roundup post.

Here are the simple steps that any expert roundup strategy involves –

  • Choose an inspiring topic related to your niche
  • Email outreach to the experts the question requesting them to share their own ideas, experiences, etc.
  • Once you receive answers from those experts, compile and publish it on your blog
  • Again send outreach emails to intimate about it and ask for social shares

First, choose a hot topic in your niche. Use BuzzSumo or Google Trends to hunt for some curious questions about your niche.

Next, the time-taking process is finding the contact email id’s of the experts and outreaching them. You may use some outreach tools like Ninja Outreach. It helps you to prospect experts, find email addresses, outreach, and follow-ups within its dashboard. No hassle!

Make sure to send personalized emails. No bulk emails to frustrate them. Also, give them a time-bound since everyone would be busy – can’t respond to you instantly. Let them note down your deadline and respond to you anytime before that. Don’t hesitate to remind them with one or two follow up emails.

Then, the little boring game – waiting! Take a while to think about why they should answer you!

Why Should experts respond to your email or question?

How it benefits the participants? Indeed, expert roundup campaigns benefit both the host and the responders.

The niche experts writing back to you also get free exposure. And a link back to their site. Also, they get social influence since every other participant sharing it on their social profiles.

Why don’t they spend a small time in responding to your expert roundup question? They are more likely to participate.

Let’s stop thinking! Start counting!

Once you get the expected number of or responses from all the experts, compile, and publish in your regular blog post template. You can have some interesting layouts for expert roundups posts exclusively. Indeed, you can also interlink your important pages to this roundup article for more link juice to flow.

Finally, don’t forget to intimate the experts about the published roundup. Ask them for social shares. Sometimes, they are likely to blast this roundup to their email subscribers. That’s amazing!

Final Words – Expert Round Up Resource Page

If you haven’t done so far, it’s time to start creating one. You don’t write content here.

But, keep in mind, nothing comes free. So, reward the contributors with a link back, valuing their time and interest in participating in your roundup.

Let’s help each and grow together!

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