5 Best Grammar Checker for Mac OS – Free Proofreading Tools Included

Are you a Mac user looking for some powerful English proofreading app for Mac? Are you one among the many, facing problems in writing error-free emails, posts/comments on social platforms, unique article writing? I have had an opportunity to test a few recommended best grammar checker for Mac, thoroughly. Indeed, help you out with the real insights enabling you to choose your best preference.

Though English is considered a universal language, still non-native English speakers or writers find it hard to write a rich content. The English language has undergone quiet big timely amendments. Now, it has multiple phases like the US, UK, etc. with different pronunciations and spelling. Even native writers might struggle to tweak their content understanding the grammar rules and phonetic laws.

And, it is pretty sure that every user won’t be seeking for a simple grammar checker app for Mac. There may be some English Authors who might be looking for the assorted grand elements. As a matter of significance, it depends on the user needs, level of expertise, and content platforms.

So, what’s the best grammar checker to use for Mac? Here are the best grammar checker tools for Mac to research, recognize and revolutionize.

Best Grammar Checker for Mac

Are you looking only for free grammar checker app for Mac devices? Either or not, I am compiling a precise list of Mac grammar checker tools. Both paid and free English grammar checker apps for Mac are obtainable. You will find few free grammar checker software that also has premium features as when you need its Pro version. Based on your English writing expertise and the features requisite, go for the best.

#1 Grammarly – Highly Recommended Grammar Checker Program for Mac

As it names resemble, Grammarly is an excellent grammar checker app for the English language.

Over millions of people prefer Grammarly for preparing professional error-free documents, presentations, and email drafts. Grammarly helps people to uplift their communication effectively. With the AI algorithm, Grammarly and its products can automatically detect spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and plagiarism mistakes in a piece of content.

For Mac users, you can have a Grammarly native desktop app for Mac and polish your content to any level. Moreover, you may use Grammarly browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. on Mac OS devices. Unfortunately, Grammarly has no add-ons supporting MS Word or Pages for Mac OS. Anyway, you can copy-paste the content into the native app editor and proofread your content.

Grammarly can assist you wherever you write over the web, not just on the text editors. It can even notify the errors in sentence structure, passive voice usage that MS Office Word and other grammar check tools ignore.

The great cause that Grammarly is popular among millions is its incredible set of features. A vast group of people keeps adding into the Grammarly user community every year. It is only because; Grammarly can prove its championship among its competitors.

Reasons to choose Grammarly as the best grammar checker for Mac –

  •  Native Desktop app for Mac OS
  •  Extensions for popular browsers
  •  Identifies simple to complex mistakes against 250 grammar rules
  •  Spots even punctuation goof-ups
  •  Helps you to improve content writing skills and style
  •  Assists you wherever you write online
  •  Makes your content unique with its plagiarism checker tool
  •  Supports mobile devices too
  •  Choice between the US and UK English writing mode

Reasons not to prefer Grammarly

  •  Grammarly’s premium version is slightly expensive for new writers

#2 GingerSoftware

Ginger is one of the most powerful editing tools to review your piece of content for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Though the default Ginger software is not compatible with Mac OS, Mac users can use its Chrome and Safari browsers extensions. Ginger offers a wide range of tools like Sentence Rephraser, Personal Trainer, Text Reader, etc. Also, to feed with all the essential features that any writer needs, Ginger has extensive features.

By installing the browser extensions, you can easily get started with the Ginger Software. Like Grammarly, this tool also shows you the word count, number of sentences, synonym suggestions to fix overused words, etc. Ginger is almost close to Grammarly in its accuracy and features. Still, I prefer Grammarly to use as it has a good interface and native app for Mac.

Above all, you may use Ginger Translator on Andriod and iOS keyboards to communicate in around 65 languages. The unique feature that ginger has is it Text Reader. With which, you can also improve your spoken English.

Reasons to have Ginger as the best grammar check tool for Mac –

  •  Quick and reliable review to fix your writing mistakes
  •  Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary issues
  •  Personal Dictionary to add specific slang, names, and locations
  •  Ginger Translator to use it on 65 languages
  •  Easy option to export your text to any app or social apps
  •  Two-pane view for the clear observance of mistakes
  •  Advanced sentence Rephrasing

Reasons not to have it as Best Grammar Checker for Mac-

  •  No native app for Mac users

#3 WhiteSmoke

The WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one tool to proofread and edit your text content. The software uses artificial intelligence to check your article for spelling and grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, etc. The tool can also review your sentence structure and provide detailed information to fix and improve your writing skills too. WhiteSmoke uses unique natural processing language technology that can recognize the content style generating insights about your writing.

WhiteSmoke Writer is for Mac users as the millions of people are moving to Mac OS every year. For the growing potential, WhiteSmoke launched its Writer for Mac users. And, WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is to correct your write-ups in mobile devices like iPhone. You can simply copy the proofread content from WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant and paste it anywhere. Like Ginger, using WhiteSmoke Translator, you can use it on multiple languages.

Whitesmoke is compatible with almost all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. But you have to go for its Premium plan for fully integrated writing solutions for Windows and Mac devices.

Reasons to choose WhiteSmoke as the best grammar checker for Mac OS –

  •  Uses latest and unique Natural language processing technology
  •  Has style checker tool that can assist you in improving your writing style
  •  WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant to use it on mobile devices
  •  Extensions available for almost all popular browsers
  •  WhiteSmoke Writer for Mac users to enrich your content
  •  Checks for content plagiarism

Reasons not to have WhiteSmoke as the best grammar checker tool for Mac –

  •  Free version is not compatible with Mac OS devices. Only browser extensions can be used.

#4 ProWritingAid

You can feel like a personal coach to review and improve your piece of content. The experts would say ProWritingAid is a Grammar guru, writing mentor and style editor. If you are seeking an English tutor to take your English writing next level, ProWritingAid is apt.

The free English proofreading tool, suggests you on 1000s of style improvements, correct your clumsy sentence structures, and eliminate spelling & grammatical errors. The tools like a dictionary, thesaurus, can help you find the perfect words to make your content awesome.

The detailed justification for each error can help you learn and improve your writing skills, immensely.
You may use ProWritingAid online editor by installing browser extensions. For a native desktop app for Mac, you may go for its premium licenses. With which, you can simply download the desktop app that simply works with RTF, HTML, text, Open document files, Word, Scrivener, etc.

Mac users can use this tool in multiple ways. Either via the online editor, or Google docs add-on or browser extensions or by downloading a native desktop app for Mac OS.

Reasons to pick ProWritingAid as the best grammar checker for Mac –

  •  Free browser extensions
  •  Add-ons for Google Docs
  •  Easy-to-use online editor
  •  Suits for any level of expertise writers
  •  Native desktop apps for Windows and Mac
  •  With browser extensions, it can assist you on any website like Facebook, Gmail, etc.
  •  Plagiarism checker to make your content unique from others

Reasons not to go with ProWritingAid as the best grammar checker for Mac OS –

  •  No iOS app available
  •  No free desktop app for Mac users

#5 1Checker

1Checker is the free popularly used grammar checker app for Mac OS. The tool enables you to instantly check and fix the spelling, grammar or any writing mistakes. It offers you the improvement suggestions to bring up your content writing skills.

The tool is powered by AI and NLP to enhance your write-ups in every aspect. It includes style review, vocabulary enhancement, translation, dictionary, etc. Professional explanation on each fix allows you to learn and avoid the mistake in future. 1Checker is the writing enrichment tool that keeps regularly upgrading with more advanced features.

Reasons to go for 1Checker as the best grammar checker for Mac OS –

  •  Simple interfaced online editor
  •  Plug-ins for Word and Outlook integrations
  •  Desktop apps for Windows and Mac
  •  Vocabulary improvement and style checker tools
  •  Thesaurus and dictionary for more word choices

Reasons not to choose 1Checker as the best grammar checker for Mac system –

  •  No plagiarism features available
  •  No tools to assist you on social or email platforms

Best Proofreading Software for Mac OS

Mistakes are common for humans. Hence, there are powerful tools available to identify and correct your blunders. Likewise, as the growing Mac users demand best proofreading software for Mac OS, the tools are getting upgraded with more essential features. Though the machine cannot be a complete alternative for human editors, still its intelligence can do wonders with your text. The best proofreading software must be quick, reliable and available for multiple platforms and affordable.

Free Grammar Checker for Students using Mac

It is a fact that students cannot invest much in tools to improve the writing skills. Hence, there are plenty of free programs survives to support academic students to proofread the content for free. Most of the tools with its Artificial Intelligence can assist the users to any extent in improving their vocabulary and writing style every day. These free grammar checker tools can cultivate the strong foundation in student’s career when it comes to English writing.

Top Plagiarism Checker for Mac

Make your content unique. It is hard to stand out from the crowd. Still, the online plagiarism checker programs can help you identify the content duplication comparing your text with billions of web pages. The tool can make your content unique and standard. The plagiarism may be intentional or unintentional, still aware of it and keep your content exceptional.

Best Spelling and Grammar check for Mac

Don’t let your silly spelling and grammatical mistakes spoil your content distinction. Get rid of those goof ups with just a few clicks and polish it. Make your presentations appealing to others, email templates impressive, social posts and comments error-free, or anything. Rely on a professional spell and grammar checker for Mac to prove your writing excellence.

Free Grammar Checker for Mac

If you are Mac user looking for a free grammar checker for Mac, only very few players can fit. Though many players are offering free grammar check services to Windows system, for Mac it is constrained. Out of which, go for a reliable tool that can accompany you wherever you write online. Don’t set boundaries to write online.


Among all the grammar checker for Mac discussed above, each has its unique ups and downs. The perfect tool must be the one comes with a package of features to proofread your text entirely. The comprehensive tool, Grammarly can check for spelling and grammatical errors, enhances your vocabulary, checks for content duplication, browser extensions available, assists you wherever you write. Moreover, the dedicated desktop app is available for Mac versions. Then, it supports Google Docs and compatible with Andriod, iOs smartphones.

I would strongly recommend going with Grammarly as your proficient grammar checker for Mac for its abundant features and distinctive solutions available for Mac specifically. The tool has tailored features for Mac OS devices, unlike others. Either go for its free from any Apple app store or buy premium to unlock more extensive features.

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