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Best Grammarly Alternatives {2021} – Top Free Competitors!

Indeed, Grammarly is one of the popular writing assistant tools that every writer uses. It stays top on the writing game. Still, if you are looking for some of the best Grammarly alternatives, I’m writing this article for you.

Even, I use Grammarly to make my content flawless and polish my writing. But, for authors and story writers, they might be looking for an exclusive style checker tool. Likewise, the reason may be unique that you look for the best alternatives to Grammarly. Check out a hand-picked list of Grammarly alternatives with their reviews, pros, and cons.

I’ll also include some best free Grammarly alternatives for the budget or budding writers.

Best Grammarly Alternatives – Why You Need One?

Why do we need a top alternative for Grammarly though it is the writing experts’ widely used tool?

One of the below reasons might be bothering you –

  • You wanted to check your writing on other languages too since Grammarly can help you only for English
  • You don’t have internet connectivity all the time because; you need it for using Grammarly
  • You might need a free alternative to Grammarly, but you are okay with limited features
  • Or you just need the alternatives to Grammarly premium to test and compare the features
  • You feel like spending around $30 per month is quite unaffordable. It’s pricey plans might urge you to find a Grammarly cheaper alternative

Alternatives to Grammarly – Quite A Tough Job to Find The Best

It’s quite overwhelming to find the best free Grammarly alternative with all the essential features and reliability. For any writers, it helps –

  • Eliminate spelling, grammatical & punctuation mistakes
  • No limitations on word count on the number of checks
  • Start today with the free Chrome browser extension
  • Grammarly for Windows to support MS Word
  • Compatible with Google Docs, social media platforms, etc.
  • Grammarly for MS Word & Outlook on Mac and Windows
  • Get assistance anywhere you write online
  • Set your goals before writing a business document, friendly email, or anything
  • Improve content readability using simpler active sentences
  • Use the right words and also improve your vocabulary usage
  • Check content plagiarism
  • Switch between US & UK English whenever you want
  • Get detailed insights and reports about your writing
  • Save the articles in dashboard and access from anywhere, any device
  • Exclusive tool version for students and academic professionals – GrammarlyEdu
  • Native desktop for both Windows and Mac devices
  • Grammarly keyboard for smartphones
  • Choose between monthly or quarterly plans for seasonal writing needs
  • No downloads or installations required

Surprisingly, the list goes and goes on…

With these astounding benefits, it’s quite hard to find a Grammarly competitor site with all these features. Indeed, one that has even more amazing features. Let’s start hunting!

Grammarly Free Alternatives – Are There Something, Really?

Yes, there may be some of the fierce competitions like ProWritingAid. The best Grammarly alternatives here might amaze you with checking multiple languages or costs you less. Let’s review and analyze how these alternatives to Grammarly sound perfect for your writing needs.

But, keep in mind, the free versions are never better than premium ones. Fortunately, most of the tools have a free trial. Try them out and make sure which is worth paying. Go for it.

Top Grammarly Competitor Sites

To be honest, it wasn’t easy to justify alternatives to Grammarly premium. Somehow, I am compiling here the best and Grammarly cheaper alternatives. You have to compromise something when you want to cut down your cost. But, these tools come closer to what goodness Grammarly offers.

#1 ProWritingAid


Looking for alternatives to Grammarly for Mac? Undoubtedly, ProWritingAid will make you happy. With all the good hails of its users, it must be the better alternative to Grammarly. You don’t believe the tool is reliable as how Grammarly is known for accurate and rapid checks.

The team defines the tool as the personal coach for writing – a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor. Like Grammarly, it has a desktop app that allows you to work with Scrivener projects, MS Word, Open Office, and Rich Text.

The cliché, you still need internet connectivity to work like how you use Grammarly. You have a free Chrome add-on, desktop app for Mac, multiple input options, and more.

Three highlights about ProWritingAid Tool that I admire are –

More into style checks – Most of the ProWritingAid users are authors and story writers. The tool insists you stick to your writing style but try to improve it. When you don’t set your writing style, your style will set to General automatically. So, the PWA tool cares much about your writing style with hand-coded thousands of rules to cover the most vital writing style improvements where you can improve.

In-depth writing reports – the team proudly says that ProWritingAid offers more writing reports than any other proofreading or editor software. Indeed, it has 20+ in-depth writing reports highlighting elements like repetitiveness, vagueness, sentence length variation, etc.

Lifetime pricing – Compared to Grammarly and ProWritingAid pricing plans, the former is a little more expensive. Maybe a $3 or $4 would be the difference for a month. That’s not a big deal for serious writers. But, once you feel that you are writing good with ProWritingAid, you can go for PTA’s lifetime plan to save more bucks.

The major differences between Grammarly and ProwritingAid would be – 

At times, the ProWritingAid tool fails to spot as much as grammatical or punctuation errors that Grammarly can identify. But, from the writing style standpoint, it can even eat-up Grammarly.

When you think about the plagiarism checking feature – Grammarly Premium includes it. But, in the ProWritingAid tool, it’s not. You have to pay and include it as specifically and when you require it. That good or bad – it’s up to you. Good for writers who don’t need that feature. They don’t pay for something they don’t use. Sounds good!

Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid is pretty much working well for Mac users with its desktop app. So, PTA must be your Grammarly alternative for Mac. With almost all the similar features with one or two ups and downs, ProWritingAid comes at greater costs than Grammarly. Chase it, today!


  • More into style checks
  • 20+ writing reports
  • Add-ons for most popular browsers
  • Seamlessly works with MS Word, Scrivener, etc.
  • Native app for Mac devices
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Affordable lifetime plan


  • Pay extra for plagiarism checking feature
  • Needs internet connectivity

#2 Ginger Software

Ginger Software

While observing most of the articles over the web about grammar checker or proofreading tools, you can see Ginger Software listed commonly. It deserves to be.

Like Grammarly, Ginger has its free grammar checker online, add-ons for Chrome and Safari, the writing app for iOS devices, spell checkers, etc.

Interestingly, the platform gets you abundant resources online to improve your writing and understanding of the language.

It’s so simple to enable Ginger add-in in MS Word and check your writings on-the-go. Its sentence rephrasing functionality helps you write your original Text in a different and better way. Spice up your writing with new variations of sentences, words, and idioms.

Like Grammarly, you have a personal dictionary to add special words, person, or place names to it. The tool won’t highlight those words as errors in the future.

The only downside would be, the tool doesn’t have the plagiarism checking feature. If your writing demands include checking content duplicate, then go for some other best Grammarly alternatives.

Instead, other three highlights that the ginger Software has but Grammarly not are –

Personal Trainer – Learning English is easy with Ginger Software’s Personal Trainer. With more personalized practice sessions based on your own writing mistakes, learn from your mistakes. Instead of wasting your time with generic English learning courses, try out these personalized sessions.

Text Reader – Not just writing better English, Ginger Software also helps you perfect your spoken English. The tool reads your Text back to you with the proper accent of a native English speaker. You will also speak with more confidence and fluently.

Translator – It’s free translation software that allows language translation between 40+ languages. With this feature, naturally, express yourself in the language of your choice. It’s never been that easy to communicate with everyone, everywhere.

It may not be a wholesome alternative to Grammarly but comes with incredible features to perfect your writing. Put simply, writing great content flawlessly is just a click away!


  • Free version available
  • Add-on for Chrome and Safari
  • Ginger Page for iPhone
  • Advanced tools like Text Reader, Personal Trainer
  • Translation feature


  • No plagiarism checker
  • No native app for Mac OS

FAQ On Grammarly Similar Sites

I understand a few questions might still be hindering you from making a decision. Check out if these are the questions wanted to clarify. You’re not alone; writers like you feel-like the same.

What can I use instead of Grammarly?

ProWritingAid works well for the aggressive writers with almost similar features that Grammarly offers. Sure, it must be the Grammarly alternative for Mac as well with a native app.

Is there something better than Grammarly?

ProWritingAid is better when you are more concerned about the style checks. The ginger software is better when the cost is the deciding factor for you in choosing the writing tools.

Which is better Grammarly or Ginger software?

When you need a comprehensive tool, including a plagiarism checker tool, and then continue with Grammarly. Or you need something beyond writing like a translator, text readers, etc. then choose Grammarly.

Are there any free alternatives to Grammarly Software?

The Grammarly alternatives discussed here are available for free too. However, it’s a universal fact that there will always be limitations in free editions. These free tools are just alternatives to Grammarly free, not for premium.

Final Words on Free Grammarly Alternatives

Writing is an art, especially when you want to make it error-free and free-flowing. All you can achieve with a master proofreading tool, Grammarly. Anything from simple punctuation checks to vocabulary enhancement to plague-check, Grammarly is top-notch.

But, then, if its price urges you to find some best Grammarly alternatives or when you don’t need such advanced writing checks, try out its competitor sites. There are pretty good style checkers, free grammar checkers, Mac writing tools, etc. out in the market.

It depends on who you are, what you’d be always writing, your writing potential, and your budget.

But, I’m damn sure that your best alternative to Grammarly is here. Don’t go out and break your mind to surf for hundreds of tools. Choosing one among the above could make you happy with what you have expected as a writer.

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