Best WordPress Landing Page Builder For Travel Bloggers

3 Best WordPress Landing Page Builder For Travel Bloggers & Agencies 2022

It frustrates when your page builder crashes with poor internet connection staying at hotels. And, it sucks your productivity that day. So, with the best WordPress landing page builder for travel bloggers, you can even design and build your marketing pages at the airport. Indeed, you will get enough time over there waiting for your connecting flights.

In this article, let me help you with three most powerful, and feature-rich landing page builders for travel websites. I have used tested some of the best landing page builders in the market and selected these three that can offer anything a travel blog needs.

Indeed, you will have to look for SEO-optimized, content and hence conversion-focused landing page templates.

What To Look In For The Best WordPress Landing Page Builder For Travel Bloggers?

We all know that landing pages are one of the most crucial elements in the conversion funnel. Indeed, building an effective landing page is often difficult. Reading a few articles about landing pages, crafting a remarkable landing page, and performing A/B testing on the pages; but you will get minimal impression than what you expect.

Since what works for a site may not work for others. So, you should always determine the best way to incorporate the essential elements to include in any landing pages. Most importantly, the effective landing page is one that is designed keeping its audience in mind.

As a travel blogger to sell flight tickets and other travel-related services – you should drive a lot of traffic and leads to your travel blog. For which, landing pages with distinct designs can help you target particular audiences.

To build such effective landing pages, the landing page builders must be –

  • Easy to use including elements within a click
  • Having more predesigned templates
  • Tailored for higher conversions
  • Allowing A/B testing
  • Having drag & drop feature
  • Providing integrations with email marketing services
  • Affordable for even individual or start-up travel bloggers

So, here is a list of best WordPress landing page builder for travel bloggers to create professionally designed, good-looking, and conversion-focused landing pages.

Top 3 WordPress Landing Page Builders For Travel Agencies

Other than your purpose behind building a landing page, there are other meaningful criteria like user-friendly interface, the set-up peculiarities, add-ons, upgrade options, etc. to consider while purchasing a suitable travel blog landing page builder. Indeed, all this never comes for free still you should not overpay too. If you want your online travel endeavors to succeed, sure you must have proficient landing page builder at your side.

#1 Elementor – Free WordPress Landing Page Builder Plug-in

Elementor is one of the leading WordPress page builders that have a massive collection of pre-made designs and templates. The free version of an Elementor is a page builder whereas Elementor Pro is ideal for building pop-ups, themes, and WooCommerce platforms as well.

With drag & drop editor, Elementor stays as the fastest, intuitive and easy-to-use editor and page builder in WordPress platforms. As a travel agency, you can’t just ignore mobile users. So, designing your landing page using Elementor allows the easy switch to mobile view with just a click and customize it for greater mobile visibility.

Just, if you are looking for a landing page builder for travel websites, Elementor free plug-in will do.

Using Elementor is easy, fastest, visual and code-free plug-in to build awesome landing pages in WordPress. You don’t even have to touch a line of HTML or CSS codes to build a one. Not necessarily to deal with the child themes.

Elementor team not just focus on creating attractive landing pages, but also generate higher conversions. Indeed, you will build a landing page that includes a top section, navigation menu, gallery, form section, etc.

The blend mode effect in every section of your landing page can highly tweak your visitors to take action instantly.

As a travel blogger, people wish to create global templates to target multi-lingual audience or people from different regions. Here comes the Elementor Pro into the rescue as a theme builder. The best WordPress landing page builder for travel bloggers, always!

The team always thrives to enhance the builder with more features. The Form Integrations allow intuitive connection to email marketing services. Looking for pro features like custom CSS, global widgets, slide, Pro templates, blog pagination, animated headline, etc. go with Elementor Pro.


  • Hundreds of pre-made templates for every industry
  • Easy navigator to navigate between all page elements
  • In-line editing to type directly on-page screen
  • Dark mode allows designing in dark environments
  • Enhanced background blending options
  • Library with 1000’s of icons
  • Vertical & horizontal flexbox alignment


  • Drag & drop editor
  • Mobile-responsive editing
  • Padding & margin effects
  • Have a sticky header with a click
  • Ideal for WooCommerce platforms
  • Advanced form integration options


  • Pricing sucks

Customer Opinion

Elementor makes my WordPress design less frustrating. I have tried a lot of WordPress landing page builder for travel websites. Fortunately, I switched to and settled on Elementor.

#2 Divi Landing Page Builder For Travel Websites

Divi is the ultimate WordPress page builder for travel bloggers. With its advanced visual builder technology, it allows you to create spectacular designs. Easily add, delete, and move elements on the front end with easy drag and drop editor. With no confusing backend options and coding gigs, use intuitive visual controls to design your page in real-time.

Divi allows easy integration with custom CSS for unlimited edits and customizations. Its responsive editing allows you to have full control over mobile-friendly landing pages.

Get Divi layout pack for travel websites at no cost. Just download it for the price of your email address and load it on your WordPress site. The media files included in this Divi travel layout have no licensing restrictions.

Divi page builder is suitable for all kind of travelers – freelancers, travel bloggers, agencies and website owners.

Generally, over 800+ pre-made website layouts come free using Divi. Every week the team thrives on adding brand new layouts with royalty images, videos, icons, and illustrations.

Divi page builder is just the plug-in edition of its framework and theme. So, you are flexible just to download and use the Divi builder with your current theme. There is no need to use the whole Divi theme. Just like any other WordPress plug-in, you can install the Divi builder.

You can either contrast a new landing page layout or import pre-made landing page templates for travel websites.

Until you get familiar with Divi builder and its features, you can use its pre-built designs. Indeed, it is not so hard to build your landing page from the scratch using Divi landing page builder options.

Within your WordPress editor, use Divi builder to display pre-made layouts in a grid view. Choose your suitable one that highly resonates with travel niche and audiences. Make your desired changes in-line and make sure you saved the changes before leaving.

Adjust the content for different devices clicking on the device image icon and see how your content renders on those screens. So, it’s just a matter of minutes to design your high-converting landing pages. As a travel blogger, you can visually appeal the travel seekers developing such amazing landing pages using Divi builder.

When it comes to effective landing page designs, the shape dividers, layouts, hover effects, etc. are ever crucial.

The Divi page builder plug-in greatly helps travel blog owners to develop well-performing landing pages.


  • Advanced visual builder technology
  • Custom CSS control
  • Global elements & styles for travel websites
  • In-line text editing for no confusing backend editions
  • Responsive in-line editing
  • Extensive customization features to make appealing designs
  • Visual transformation effects


  • Free tailor-made template & designs for the travel industry
  • Easy to set-up like other WordPress plug-ins
  • Options to import and save templates
  • Bulk editing features for rapid designing
  • Unlimited fonts & text styling options
  • Shape dividers for more customized page templates


  • Drag & drop seems erratic sometimes

Customer Opinion

When Divi page builder came out, it was a game-changer. Due to its incredible flexibility, I continued to use Divi builders to build our landing pages that tract more attention.

#3 Thrive Architect For Best Travel Blog WordPress Landing Page Templates

We all know that Thrive Themes and its products are custom solutions for higher conversions. Every travel blogger needs landing pages to grow their audience base and hence online income. If you have a WordPress travel blog, then having a reliable landing page builder is momentous. Most importantly, the one that loads faster and allows you to build landing pages easily when you travel, like Thrive Architect.

Mostly, the WordPress themes allow you to design landing pages with minimum features. If your theme doesn’t provide that option and when you need amazing landing pages, then you should opt for a professional WordPress landing page builders for your travel websites.

Like the above two best WordPress landing page builder for travel bloggers, Thrive Architect gives access to front end visual editor to make changes in-line.

Simply, load the landing page templates available in the gallery and use its visual editor to edit any elements in the template, you have chosen. You will have 276 landing page templates for entire niches. Even you don’t find your desired one, just built it from scratch. Preview it and make it responsive for different devices while editing & making changes front end. It is inevitable that your landing pages should be mobile-optimized.

Most importantly, Thrive Architect integrates with all the major email providers and webinar platforms. For more custom options like exit-intent lightboxes, two-step sign-up forms, Thrive Architect is the ideal choice. Especially all these things are possible with no integrations with other third-party plug-ins. Thrive Architect has a huge library of landing page templates for squeeze pages, single product sales page, after sign-up pages, and even more.


  • Access to frequently growing templates library
  • Seamless integration with popular email platforms
  • Advanced padding and layout options
  • Pre-made landing pages design for multiple purposes
  • Highly-conversion focused pages
  • Allows you to include exit-intent lightboxes


  • Install & use it like other WordPress plug-ins
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Complete solution to strategize your marketing
  • Allows designer level customization
  • Easy to build modern & beautiful landing pages
  • Include as much as elements to your page with drag & drop


  • Requires a learning curve to get hands-on

Customer Opinion

Thrive architect is the invaluable page builder that allows me to place items on the website, and move them around until it fits and just looks right.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Landing Page Builder For Travel Websites?

Not just to create the landing pages. But also, the best WordPress landing page builder for travel bloggers should offer more than that. All the landing page builders listed above, you can perform A/B tests to test and stick to the content, designs, color and buttons that really work well.

Most of the popular even cheap landing page builders for travel blogs will have high-end A/B testing tools to track visitor’s behavior and optimize your landing page accordingly. So, you have options to enhance your landing pages within the builders based on the statistics.

So, any of the one page builder you choose for travel sites, make sure it enables you to enhance it for more clicks and hence, conversions. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Be diligent to choose a one from the above that suits your business requirements and budget.

FAQ On Best Landing Page Builders For Travel Agencies

Indeed, these 3 best landing page builders for travel bloggers are better than others in terms of converting efficiency, designing features, and pricing. Still, you might have got any questions before start using such predefined and proven landing page templates for your travel promotions. Read on, then.

1) Whether I can build a home page using these landing page builders for travel blogs?

Sometimes, the home page is itself a landing page for the site that has any recognized product or service to promote. So, you can also build home pages with these landing page builders.

2) Why should I use templated landing pages?

The landing page builder platforms are fast to build, less costly than custom design, and are already optimized for good conversions. So, you are likely to use it for travel blogs.

3) What are the essential characteristics of an effective landing page design?

These are some of the characteristics of a great landing page – clear call-to-action, separation of content sections, clean and clear text highlights, proper usage of visual elements, and appealing color patterns.

4) How can landing pages help travel bloggers?

You can include offers on flight bookings, booking vacations, searching for rental cars, promoting travel insurance, timeshare information, etc. to drive in the traffic and convert into your customers.

5) Is it worth buying the best WordPress landing page builder for travel bloggers?

Indeed, choosing an appealing landing page template and optimally building a landing page incorporating essential elements using any of these landing page builders would ensure high conversions. So, your investment is just minimal compared to the leads and conversions you achieve.

Winner – Divi Builder

With its professional templates and blocks, custom widgets and layout – create animated headlines, featuring sliders, WooCommerce widgets, and everything. You can experience it using a free theme builder and then upgrade for unlimited theme editions and customizations. Indeed, the theme builder lets you customize every part of your theme.

Final Words – Best WordPress Landing Page Builder For Travel Bloggers

Again, it does all depend on the purpose, and the audience targeted to pick the best suitable landing page builder or template. But, it has the potential to either make or break your campaign’s success. That means, it is worth investing short time and money in purchasing the best WordPress landing page builder for travel blogs, and developing effective landing pages.

So, get ready to build awesome landing pages and start generating more leads. Using any of these best landing page builders for travel bloggers, you can come up with great landing pages ensuring higher conversions.

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