Interview with Matthew Woodward

Interview with Matthew Woodward – Founder Of An Award-winning SEO Blog

Recently, we had an exciting interview session with Michael Bely, the less popular hosting expert. Today, we have one of the most reputed SEO and blogging master with us. Let’s explore more about SEO, blogging, online marketing, blog monetization, tools recommendations, and even more. Glad that we got a chance to have an interview with Matthew Woodward.

Interview with Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward has remarkable SEO knowledge and runs an award-winning blog in his name, The great thing I admire is that he is more confident about what he presents, or recommends. Hence, his blog drives organic traffic in big volume. In this interview, let’s explore his favorite SEO tools, his content marketing strategy, how he generates backlinks, and more.

Hope, this interview with Mathew Woodward must be a good feast to the blogging interests. Let’s get started.

Interview with Matthew Woodward, The SEO & Blogging Expert

1. Let’s get started with an introduction about yourself, your SEO & blogging expertise.

I am Matthew Woodward, and I run an award-winning SEO blog.

The primary focus of the blog is to help people achieve success with their online businesses from an SEO and marketing point of view.

I publish top-quality tutorials and case studies which have helped thousands of people either on their own websites or with their client’s sites.

The internet has been a passion of mine since the age of 13 when I started writing gaming reviews, which led me to build my first community-based website. From here, I developed my skillset and joined the corporate world, where I worked for some huge names leading their online marketing campaigns.

However, the corporate world wasn’t for me, and I quickly got fed up with the red tape causing missed opportunities. So I set up my blog and have never looked back.

2. What makes a blogger successful? How stand out from the crowd of popular blogs?

The key to a successful blog is about understanding what your audience wants. Many people are so obsessed with tactics like link building that they throw their site together and are blinkered to what their audience actually wants from their website. What is the point of bringing traffic to your site for it to leave immediately?

So getting the foundations of your website and your content strategy right is absolutely key for a successful blog. As part of my most recent SEO audit, I asked my audience what they liked and didn’t like about my blog. And it gave me some exciting feedback which I built an action plan around.

3. Share your experience about the hosting services you have used for your blog, so far. Currently which hosting service, you are using and why?

I have had a pretty rocky experience when it comes to hosting services so naturally. I have done a lot of research on which are the best web hosts out there.

The worst of which was WP Engine who started off well but quickly went downhill. The full list of issues I experienced with them is far too extensive to put here. But there was constant site downtime, and their support was a joke. And they even deleted live customer data with no backup.

I currently use Kinsta hosting for the blog but also use WPX hosting for some of my other sites. I put both these hosts through some quite vigorous testing (along with five other WordPress hosts), and they both consistently performed well and came out on top.

WPX hosting is cheap, but also the fastest with the best support and Kinsta has a reliable performance with fantastic support also.

4. How comfortable are you with WordPress platform, themes, and its customization?

I would say very comfortable. It is free to use and super easy for anyone who has never built a blog before. WordPress has pretty much been built with bloggers in mind, and they make customization easy.

They have more than 5,000 free themes which you can choose from, or you can make a customized theme as I did with the MyThemeshop team.

Over 91% of blogs are using WordPress, including mine!

5. I could see any of your blog articles are so elaborate? How do you prepare yourself to create such explanatory content?

It goes back to what I was saying earlier… I give the audience what they want by listening to them. This is the first stage of content production.

Then I make sure in each piece of content I publish, that I only recommend tools and services I have used myself. I get top quality graphics made to add value, and I like to create and add videos where possible.

Indeed, I have process’ set up for every single stage of content production, and no corners are ever cut, even if this means missing deadlines.

6. Do you explicitly build backlinks or you are done with backlinks that your content gets by itself? What are the link building tactics you practice these days?

Link building is an SEO tactic that is never going away. It has stood the test of time, and all that’s left is to find out which strategies work well for your niche.

My absolute favorite strategy is competitor backlink analysis. Very only, you find all your competitors best backlinks and copy them.

These are the links that Google already approves of because they have ranked your competitors in the top spots, so you’d be crazy not to go after the same links.

I have even created an original spreadsheet that makes this whole process even easier. You just feed your competitors data into the spreadsheet, and it tells you exactly which links to go after.

7. Can you please detail about your keyword research and strategy? Do you use Yoast or RankMath for SEO?

I just mentioned that I have an intelligent spreadsheet for backlinks, well I built one for keyword research too.

The spreadsheet enables you to steal your competitor’s top keywords. It automatically finds keywords that are easy to rank but have high search volumes. Indeed, it tells you what the intent of the keyword is and then calculates if there is a potential to get the featured snippet!

You just need access to either Ahrefs, SEMRush, or RankTracker to gather the data.

I am currently using RankMath for my SEO and will be publishing my full RankMath review soon.

8. How do you plan for a new blog post? How often are you likely to publish articles? Do you have any silo architecture?

As I have said previously, my method to planning content is to listen to my audience and give them the answers to their problems. This could be in my blog comments, forums, social media, etc.…

I usually publish and promote new high-quality long-form content every couple of weeks but have just recently published a ton of on-page SEO content and will be releasing new link building content soon as part of my latest SEO section on the blog.

Yes, I now have a robust silo structure in place as a result of my recent SEO audit.

9. How do you monetize your blog currently? Do you also offer SEO services to businesses?

As you can see from my income reports, I generate an income a few different ways through the blog. These are usually affiliate earnings, consultation, and other ad-hoc projects.

Yes, we offer SEO services through my SEO agency Search Logistics to anyone looking to increase their traffic and ultimately sales. We can also help anyone who is experiencing a decline in traffic and/or has had a penalty against their site.

10. I could see more mentions about Ahrefs in your articles. What are your favorite SEO tools?

As you have mentioned, Ahrefs is probably one of my favorite SEO tools as it ticks so many boxes and actually gives you reliable data!

The other top tools I use every day would be my keyword & link building spreadsheets as they save so much time and not to mention money. And the email marketing tool Drip that helps me to keep people coming back to the blog.

You can see a full list of the tools I use here.

11. Share a few words about your content marketing strategy.

Once I have published a piece of content, I then do a number of marketing strategies to ensure as many eyes see the content as possible.

It goes out to all my subscribers via email, promotions on social media. Also, I contact anyone featured in the article, usually resulting in more exposure and we discuss the topic on forums and subtly link back to the post.

I also use content promotion as a method of link building – the more people see the content, the more natural links will be placed.

12. How do you help new or moderate bloggers to get featured on authoritative blogs? How is guest blogging still effective these days?

I help bloggers by providing them with the tools they need through my tutorials to go out there and find the right sites to guest blog on. I tell them how to reach out to those sites and ultimately, how to write a guest blog.

Guest blogging is still an effective link building strategy. It does require quite a bit of effort when you need to create the content yourself but still worthwhile if you are getting a do-follow link in some fresh, unique content.

13. How are you connected with other bloggers? How good and available are you in building relationships with co-bloggers?

I am in constant contact with my peers. Not only do we discuss all the latest goings-on in the digital marketing world online, but we meet up once or twice a year either at SEO conferences or in Mastermind events.

Anyone I am not already connected with, I always make myself as available as possible via social media, blog commenting, or email to answer any questions they may have. However, if you are sending me a template outreach, email expects to go straight to my trash folder.

Interview Highlights

Let’s recollect. Here are some of the highlights of this exciting interview with Matthew Woodward.

  • Understanding your target’s audience need is the most crucial thing to be successful.
  • To build credibility, broadcast stuffs that you have got personal experience with it.
  • Efficient content and its promotions can be a great source of attracting natural backlinks.
  • Strategic email marketing can contribute to driving organic traffic to your site.
  • Non-personalized or common template outreach mails are unlikely to pays you off.
  • Competitor analysis can help you greatly in fetching the most potential keywords and link building.
  • Using spreadsheets for data handling can even ease your hectic tasks.
  • Keep connected with bloggers all the way.

Let’s Take Off – Interview with Matthew Woodward

Matthew thanks for your time and interest in sharing your expertise with the Hi Blogging readership. Hope this would be more helpful to the blogging friends and beginners as well.

It’s quite interesting to know about your usage of a simple spreadsheet to make your jobs easy. Likewise, I welcome readers to share their learning through this interview with Matthew Woodward.

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