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Ryan Biddulph Interview – Worth Reading For Your Blogging Success! [Part 2]

Ryan Biddulph – the most inspiring blogger who always has fun at what he does. Indeed, I’m glad to have a quick interview session with him, not so detailed though. He is likely to write thousands and thousands of words every day. With his magical words, he conquered the world and he tends to lead a life that everyone dreams to live. In this Ryan Biddulph interview – let’s see how he is good at real-time blogging with fun.

He often travels around the world and blogs from several countries. Being the author of the blog ‘Blogging From Paradise’ he majorly talks about his travel experience, making money online and building network among the bloggers.

Certainly, he is so kind of helping others and closely connected with most of the bloggers in different niches. And, he takes the power of his writing to build the audience rather he less cares about making money through blogging.

Ryan Biddulph Interview On Fun & Successful Blogging

Despite his busy tasks, he takes time to respond to our questions to make this interview excited. Ryan’s passion drives him to blog successfully. Not to mention, he doesn’t have mentors or serious inspirations. He is on his right way of blogging, helping others. That makes him the master in blogging. He is good at relating and incorporating his travel experiences into blogging.

How he has got into creating eBooks, online courses, and how is capable to contribute even 3 to 4 guest posts a day and even more. It’s time to know his blogging secrets.

Let’s roll out!

1. Glad to have you with us, Ryan. Could you please introduce yourself to Hi Blogging readers?

My name is Ryan Biddulph. I am the creator of Blogging From Paradise.

2. How did you decide to become a travel blogger? How were your initial blogging days? Your blogging mentors or inspirations?

I observed my life and decided I’d share how I retired to a life of travel, through blogging. My initial days seemed to be a struggle. I blogged in a different niche. No mentors back then. I was a complete moron and tried to blog solo.

3. How long it takes to turn out your fun travel blog into a viable business?

Varies for everybody, but I’d say 5-7 years.

4. Share any exciting experience while traveling to other countries or things that you have admired over there.

I have helped kill a spitting cobra in Bali; I almost died in India from giardia, I batted an 8-inch long centipede from the house in Thailand and lived in a remote jungle in Costa Rica for 6 weeks. Every experience taught me critical lessons and allowed me to embrace more of life.

5. I always find it hard to justify that Blogging From Paradise is a blog about blogging or travel. How do you help travel planners or travel guide seekers through your blog?

I simply tell them what I learned on the road so that I can be the guinea pig, and they learn from my experiences. Simple as pie. I put myself in their shoes, but relay the travel experience from my shoes. Makes sense, right?

6. Could you share your web hosting partner? That is all handled by your development team or the host itself (I mean if any managed hosting)?

I have no idea, LOL! My web developer handles all of that. I am on a VPS. I do know that.

7. Basically, writing is your hobby from childhood, or as a blogger, you yourself determined for writing?

Not just from my blogging days. I love writing. Plus, I dissolved many fears, aka mental blocks most bloggers cling to, writing-wise, by simply doing freeing but uncomfortable things.

8. My most curious question, how do you manage to blog while traveling? How many hours a day, you spend on blogging and writing kinds of stuff?

I choose to blog. No need to manage anything 😉 I wake up and have 24 hours to work with, like all human beings. I choose to blog. Then, I build the rest of my life around blogging. Usually, I spend 6-9 but sometimes for 10 or more hours.

9. I have noticed you are less likely to use any tools. Still, what are your favorite blogging tools that you can’t neglect?

My WordPress blog is my ultimate tool. I never neglect it hehehehe 🙂

10. What’s your secret in building a long-lasting relationship with your blogging readers?

Generously help them, listen to them, respond to them, and keep moving forward. Love your readers. I appreciate your readers.

11. How do you spot or understand other blogger’s crises, and hence, you are helping them with your write-ups?

Meditation. I meditate and do Kriya yoga every day for 50 minutes. Both practices keep you present, at the moment. At the moment, you easily spot blogger problems because you move out of your head (energy of fear) into your heart (energy of love), and loving people spot other people’s problems and solve the problems easily.

12. Do you care about the technical SEO aspects of your blog? Also, I never saw your posts are keyword-optimized. Don’t you believe in such things?


13. What are all the different means you promote your content or the latest blog posts?

Guest posting and genuine blog commenting are my faves.

14. You have contributed plenty of eBooks. What drives you?

Oh yes! I love writing eBooks. Write em!

15. You have featured on popular websites like Forbes. Kindly share your writing & productivity tips for our blog readers to get noticed by other bloggers and featured on such blogs.

If you want to get noticed by Forbes, notice 100,000 human beings over the next 5-7 years of your life, help 100,000 plus humans, gain exposure and skills, and Forbes tends to notice you.

Final Take Away – Ryan Biddulph Interview

Building a blog is just a matter of minutes, these days. But, bringing it up successfully is all about your passion and interest. Individuals like Ryan Biddulph masters in it with their tireless writing and relationship building.

If you want to make your blogging fun and successful, you must follow Ryan’s blog. Extend your hands to help others. Let others bring in what you want. Connect with more bloggers, do favors, and take your blog to the desired heights.

So, what’s your opinion about Ryan’s style of blogging? What’s your thought about this Ryan Biddulph interview? Feel free to share it below.


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  1. I know Ryan for the past few years. He is a generous blogger and helping newbies a lot. He is a blogging machine and has written thousands of posts online. Whenever you visit a blog, you will find some posts written by Ryan. Awsome Interview

    Vishwajeet Kumar

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