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Latest Social Media Image Sizes 2022 Updated – Bookmark Today!

You don’t to be told how visual content appeals to the users than plain text. Especially, when we take social media in hand, images play a greater role to engage our social followers. But, it will be overwhelming to embed images of different sizes for various social media posts. Hence, I thought of helping you with a detailed post on social media image sizes.

Indeed, social networks keep changing the guidelines often. Certainly, keep yourself updated with the current social media image sizes recommendations. And you can’t object there is a strong correlation between SEO and social media. Enhanced social media profiles are also good signals for SEO betterments.

Even just for Facebook, photo dimensions will vary based on where you are posting it. It includes timeline photos, profile pictures, cover photos, etc. So, it’s not a simple task. Keep this social media image sizes guide by your side and create wonders.

Social Media Image Sizes Checklist For Quick Reference

Don’t you use almost all the popular social platforms for your business promotions? Then, just check out the image size recommendations for certain social networks from below. There are millions of posts come live on popular social media platforms. And, you have no control if your post or account is disabled by the network for any reason. It’s always recommended to strictly abide by the rules and regulations to stay active and live always. Among all, image sizes are one of the crucial factors that can impact your social engagements.

Updated Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Why social media are non-negligible for business promotions? Social channels are great in boosting brand reputation, build loyalty among the followers and connect with the customers.

Getting your images to look good in different sizes of the screen is crucial. Indeed, the recommended images sizes and resolutions can help you achieve it. Stick to the proper aspect ratio and high-quality images for higher user interactions.

Here are such image size proposals for different social media platforms.

#1 Facebook Image Sizes

The posts that are featured in the Facebook account for 87% interactions on the target website. With billions of daily active users, Facebook outranks other social media channels. Hence, the image resolution and dimension you tag on might make or break user engagement.

Firstly, decide upon where you want the majority of your followers to view images.

Facebook Profile Picture Size: 180 x 180

The profile picture is the one that represents you or your business on Facebook. The square photo that appears when you post to other walls, or comments or likes or anything you do. Have your profile picture with a smiling face or professional brand logo.

The dimensions remain the same for the business page profile picture. Facebook displays a profile image for a business page on the left side of the screen.


  • Size: 180 x 180 pixels
  • Will appear 170 x 170 on desktop & 128 x 128 on smartphones
  • Photo thumbnail will appear 32 x 32 on Facebook
  • Business page profile picture will be cropped to fit in the square

Facebook Cover Photo: 820 x 312

Your cover photo only appears in your Facebook timeline, nowhere else. It is a bit bigger one. Here you can prove your creativity and innovations. Have your photo or your business logo as a profile picture and timeline photo that speaks more about your personality or business tagline.


  • 820 x 312 pixels. Minimum size: 400 x 150 pixels. Anything less will be stretched to fit the space
  • Appears 820 x 312 on desktop, 640 x 360 on smartphones
  • Doesn’t appear on feature phones
  • Let the file size be less than 100 KB
  • Cover photo sizes for the business page are the same

Facebook Shared Images: 1200 x 630

The most common forms of sharing on Facebook. These images will appear on your timeline and follower’s news feeds. More engagement it receives, likely to be viewed by the rest followers and others on Facebook.


  • Upload size: 1200 x 630
  • Maximum width of 470 pixels on news feeds
  • Maximum width of 504 pixels on pages

Facebook Shared Link: 1200 x 628

Almost similar to Facebook shared images. But it gives you more fields to feed some text content. Create a shared link with a small square image (left side) and content on the right side. Otherwise, a bit larger rectangular image on the top and content underneath.


  • Upload size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Square photo: appears 154 x 154 in news feeds & 116 x 116 on page
  • Rectangle photo: appears 470 x 246 in news feeds & 484 x 252 on page
  • Image sizes less than the recommendations are scalable

Facebook Highlighted Image: 1200 x 717

The image you post to announce your own or business accomplishments. This will appear on your timeline. It gets you more space than the shared image or shared link. Let your followers know your victories and celebrate it together.


  • Upload Size: 1200 x 717 pixels
  • Appears 843 x 504 pixels on your page timeline
  • Upload a better resolution image for better quality

Facebook Event Image: 1920 x 1080

Facebook event images are good at grabbing your user’s attention as they will receive notifications about your posting. Make sure have it more appealing with the recommended dimensions.


  • Upload size: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Appears 470 x 174 pixels in feeds and page

#2 Twitter Image Sizes

Having millions of active users a day, Twitter is most popular among all sorts of individuals. People often prefer Twitter to talk about a brand and its activity. Recently, its page layout has got some changes.

Twitter Profile Photo: 400 x 400

Your profile picture is the primary one that represents you or your brand on Twitter. It appears in multiple places on your Twitter page. It includes the largest display on your homepage, a small version in follower’s Twitter stream, and in the ‘who to follow’ box. Make sure to have it of high quality.


  • Upload size: 400 x 400 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 2 MB
  • Image format: JPG, GIF, or PNG

Twitter Header Photo: 1500 x 500

Like the Facebook cover photo, Twitter header photo appears on the top of your page. That’s more captivating. Hence, have it in high resolution describing your business offerings.


  • Upload size: 1500 x 500
  • Maximum file size: 5 MB
  • Image formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG

Twitter In-stream Photo: 440 x 220

You can attach photos to your tweets and there is no limit on your tweet length. In case you are sharing a link with featured image, Twitter displays the featured image in the Twitter Card. And, the uploaded photo will be displayed on your follower’s streams and their follower’s streams by retweeting.


  • Upload size: 440 x 220 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 15 MB
  • Tweet up to 4 images at a time
  • Appears 506 x 253 pixels in streams on desktop

#3 Instagram Image Sizes

Being a visual-content based social platform, you must be keener in terms of image quality. Among millions of daily users, you have to look awesome. Knowing the relevant images can help you compete with the artists, photographers and influencers.

Instagram Profile Picture: 110 x 110

Like other social media platforms, your Instagram profile picture is a circle that is visible to your followers. Also, it appears adjacent to all your posts. Make it more eye-catchy. Businesses would preferably have its brand logo as their profile picture.


  • Upload size: 110 x 100 pixels
  • Appears as same on your page
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1

Instagram Photo Thumbnails: 161 x 161

Your image content will appear in rows of thumbnails when someone visits your profile page or searches for your hashtag. On clicking, each content will be explained and giving a place to comment for the users.


  • Upload size: 161 x 161 pixels
  • Appears as same on your page in a square box
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1

Instagram Photo Size: 1080 x 1080

This is the photo that appears on feeds and when some tapped on your profile form their Instagram page. Feeding images or videos from the native application would render high resolution and quality.


  • Appears 1080 x 1080 on page
  • Even scales down till 612 x 612 pixels as when required
  • Appears 510 x 510 in feeds

Instagram stories: 1080 x 1920 pixels

Instagram stories are the posts where you publish your own content. It can be either photo or video of your choice. Instagram stories are a popular visual source that gets higher engagement.


  • Upload size: 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Minimum size to upload: 600 x 1067
  • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
  • Maximum file size: 4 GB

#4 LinkedIn Image Sizes

The world’s largest professional network is LinkedIn. Though it is not something like other social platforms, LinkedIn is good for recruiting and connecting with top influencers. There is no space for fun and entertainment over there. That doesn’t mean that the images have no role to play. Being a professional network, you must be more conscious about its image size recommendations.

Personal LinkedIn Profile Image: 400 x 400

When someone visits your LinkedIn page, your personal profile image is the one that showcases your individual personality. Your personal profile picture appears in a circle whereas the business profile picture will appear in a square box.


  • Personal profile picture: 400 x 400 pixels to 2000 x 2000 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 10 MB

Personal Background Header Image: 1584 x 396

You will have a massive space at the top of your LinkedIn page to describe yourself. If you are a designer, showcase your creativity and masterpiece over there. It may be hard to find an image that fits the space. Still, the profile will look great if you do so.


  • Upload Size: 1584 x 396 pixels
  • Maximum size: 4 MB
  • Image format: JPG, PNG & GIF

LinkedIn Company Logo Image: 300 x 300

The brand logo you upload will appear on the right next to your brand name on the LinkedIn page. Also, it appears in ‘companies you may want to follow’ section. The image that entices users to trigger them to follow your brand. Have it professionally.

There is another square logo that appears when somebody searches for your company. Have the most recognizable logo enabling users to make sure which search result is yours.


  • Main brand logo: 300 x 300 pixels to upload
  • Secondary square logo: 60 x 60 pixels
  • Appears in a square box

LinkedIn Company Cover Page: 1536 x 768

Like your personal header image, you have much larger space on top of your company’s page. But, here, it covers the entire top area of the page. Make sure to have a more professional and meaningful image that represents your business offerings, or vision, etc.


  • Upload size: 1536 x 768 pixels
  • Minimum size: 1192 x 220
  • Appears 1400 x 425 pixels on top of your page

Banner Image for Company Page: 646 x 220

The newest option that appears prominently when a user visit’s your LinkedIn company page. So, make it more appealing to triggering visitors to navigate through the entire page.


  • Minimum upload size: 646 x 220
  • Landscape layout

LinkedIn Hero Image: 1128 x 376

Having separate images for specific career opportunities to hire great resource, hero images can help you immensely. It offers a bigger space than other LinkedIn images. Make use of it to convey your brand credibility to attract more potential candidates.


  • Upload size: 1128 x 376 pixels
  • Landscape layout
  • Maximum size: 2 MB

LinkedIn Shared Image or Link: 1104 x 736

The images of your own content or sharing other’s post refer to the shared image or link. You may either share a photo or an article with images. You will have a smaller space to display in case of posting multiple images at a single shot.


  • Upload size: 1104 x 736 pixels
  • Appears at 552 x 289 pixels

#5 Pinterest Image Sizes

Just like Insta, Pinterest is yet another visually trending social media platform. The great thing about Pinterest is you can drive huge traffic to your official business sites as most of Pinterest pages have external links.

So, it is getting more obvious to have your images optimized for Pinterest users.

Pinterest Profile Picture: 165 x 165

You have the option to sign up a Pinterest account using Facebook, or Twitter. In such cases, the profile picture will be pulled from there. Otherwise, if you are signing up using email or you wish to have a different profile picture, and then have it closely attached to you or your brand.


  • Upload size: 165 x 165 pixels
  • Appears at 165 x 165 on the homepage
  • Appears 32 x 32 in other places of your Pinterest profile
  • Maximum size 10 MB, Square photograph

Pinterest Pin Sizes: 236 pixels wide

While pinning stories to your board, you can have an image that is scalable in height but it has limitations in width (236 pixels). You can have square images or one that you can scale to be taller.


  • Pins settle in portrait with 1:1, 2:3 aspect ratio
  • On the board, height can be larger
  • Limited to 236 pixels width

Pinterest Board Display

Putting all your efforts together, to have some pins on the relevant board, you have to make the board look good. So, the broad cover image in the top must depict users what the board is about. Also, it is more significant to choose images or pins that suits a particular board appealing to the users.


  • 222 x 150 pixels (large thumbnail)
  • 55 x 55 pixels (small thumbnail)
  • Cover image will sit square automatically

#6 YouTube Image & Video Sizes

Of course, videos are the most primary content that engages its users. Having more than a billion users a month, brands understand that YouTube is a great source to keep customers engaged.

YouTube Profile Image: 800 x 800

YouTube allows you to choose between different profile picture layouts like square, circle, etc. But, the image size in pixel remains the same. Upload the profile picture and then select the layout to make sure that it fits well.


  • Upload size: 800 x 800 pixels
  • Displays at 98 x 98 pixels
  • Image format: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP

YouTube Channel Cover Photo: 2560 x 1440

Even if I get a chance to visit any YouTube channel, the first thing that admires me is its cover image. The larger space on the top called ‘channel art’ must be enticing visitors to understand what the channel deals with exactly. Make them stay longer watching furthermore videos.

YouTube is available on hundreds of millions of devices. Hence, it is of high priority to set optimized image fitting all the screens.


  • Upload size: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Often visible area 1546 x 423 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 4 MB
  • Tablet display: 1855 x 423
  • Mobile display: 1546 x 423
  • TV display: 2560 x 1440

YouTube Video Upload: 1280 x 720

Any new visitor landing on your YouTube channel for the first time will watch this introductory video. So, it must be more deliberate in explaining you or your brand spurring them to subscribe to your YouTube channels.


  • Let it have a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • At least 1280 x 720 pixels for full HD video quality

Final Take Away: Social Media Image Sizes

This attempt is to help you to get the most out of your social media profiles. Due to the mobile revolution, social media has given more importance these days. Whether it is a business, not your personal profile, there is a demanding need for social media enhancements.

Make use of this social media image sizes guide to perfect your social profiles appealing and engaging more followers. Indeed, the image size recommendations here are mostly (except a few) for static images. If you are using gif images, then there might be slight modifications.

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