Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro

Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro 2022 (Detailed Review & Comparison)

Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro: Which is the best? –When it comes to building your email list with WordPress, this is the question that’s on everyone’s mind – and why wouldn’t it be? Long considered two of the best tools to display opt-in pop-ups on your sites, both Thrive Leads & Convert Pro offers class-leading email list-making capabilities with exceptional speed, quality &, of course, a nicer price tag to boot as well.

But alas, no two WP plugins are ever created equal. And that’s the case with these two popular email opt-in tools as well, even though they both work similarly by creating conversion-boosting forms (opt-in) to grow your E-list.

But trust us – there’s far more to them than what just meets the eye!

Which again brings us back to the question – which is the better option of the two? The one offering the best bang for the buck?

Well, to help you guys answer this dilemma once and for all; we have put together a brief review/comparison of Thrive Leads vs ConvertPro, detailing their features, pros & cons, prices, etc… so you, the user, can make an informed choice.

Let’s get started!

Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro – Why This Review Matters At All?

I know you are very eager. But before we wade into the “nitty-gritty” of Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro competition, it’s important to understand WHY these “tools” matter at all. After all, no decisions can’t be made without all the facts, right?!

To that end, let me share with you a simple fact:

“Currently, email has 2.6 billion unique users worldwide. And that number is expected to surpass 2.9 billion by the end of 2019!”

With numbers, this huge, for a digital marketer, or even website owner for that matter, building an E-mail list is no longer just an option. Rather it’s now a necessity, especially when it comes to the survival of your biz in these times.

In other words, email marketing is a sort of like the new billboard displays – but with a more globally far-reaching advertising appeal.

Thankfully though, creating a high-quality mailing list is now easier than ever before, thanks to the plethora of custom tools available for it.

Which now brings to…

Convert Pro Vs Thrive Leads 

With millions of users around the world, both the best Convert Pro & the latest Thrive Leads represents the finest the niche has to offer. They are speedy, powerful; offer plenty of styles, works forever reliably.

Frankly, it’s rare to find opt-in mail apps that are as good as these two, with most other similar solutions being outright bad, slower, or even worse, spammy-looking. Put simply, if you are planning to revamp your site’s marketing game, either one – with “one” being the operative word here – of these can be the finest way to do so.

Yup, that’s right. You can use only one of these two amazing tools at a time, which is a real bummer considering how awesome they are.


Thankfully, we are totally ready to help you with this.

Read on…

Thrive Leads vs ConvertPro – Finally, A Honest Head-To-Head Comparison!

Being nearly identical, both in design and in perks, it wasn’t exactly easy putting together this Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads comparison. Bearing that in mind, we hope you will forgive us for getting a bit too technical here & there.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s a complete step-by-step breakdown of both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro as requested.

Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro – Let’s Start With An Overview

Despite being two of the most popular WordPress plugins out there, it still baffles us very much that many people aren’t still aware of their basic details, like quick know-how of their top features, an overview- if you will.

So obviously, we thought it best to start from there…

Thrive Leads – about them

Pitted as an all-in-one Email list building plugin, Thrive Leads, unfortunately, doesn’t send your emails for you – you still need other clients for that. However, this handier tool does make it super effortless to actually attract good quality subscribers to send those emails to – for marketing purposes, of course.

In other words, where a lot of services focus on sending emails, Thrive Leads goes a step further and focuses on growing that list as well.

So what makes Thrive Leads stand out? Let’s see;

  • A huge range of opt-in forms
  • Powerful “Thrive Architect” Page building services
  • A/B tests for better optimizing opt-ins
  • Easy asset delivery to help create lead magnets
  • Excellent customer support

Convert Pro – About them

Despite being a newer entry, Convert Pro is fast gaining popularity with its feature-packed, affordable nature – and it hey, it should be! It’s highly responsive. Incredibly fast, and of course, the package itself is well designed. Besides, it’s also one of the very, very few opt-in plugins out there that’s actually fully mobile-ready.

To put it simply, Convert Pro is trying to be the next best all-in-one email opt-in solution for the Gen Z crowd – plain and simple.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at some of the top perks of Convert Pro;

  • Highly Intuitive Drag and drop Webpage editor
  • Tons of ready to use templates
  • Future-ready cloud-based opt-in launching setup
  • Advanced triggering choices
  • Real-time analytics

Which Is Better Thrive Leads vs  Convert Pro?

With both Plugins adopting a similar modus operandi, the real differentiator can be tracked down to their novel collection of features, especially “unique” qualities. So guess what we did? We broke them down, of course. Here we go…

1) Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro – The General Features

First, let’s get the little things out of the way. Both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro comes pre-packaged with 1-year customer support, which we’ll get into detail later. They also offer money-back guarantee, with the Thrive Leads offering a 30-day option, whereas Convert Pro only offers around 14 days at best. That said, though, Convert Pro is the only one that offers lifetime updates for all subscriptions irrespective of tiers.

With opt-in email plugins, it’s important to ensure that it’s compatible with your preferred E-marketing solutions. In this regard, Thrive Leads is leading the pack with 39 integrations, whereas the Convert Pro lags just behind with 34.

Weirdly enough, thrive leads don’t support Zapier – a top player. But other than that, both of them do extend support for literally all of the major, popular email marketing services out there currently.

2) Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro – Comparing Visual Editors

With over 561 templates, Thrive Leads may seem like the winner here. But in our option, ConvertPro, with its 61+ templates, is the one that offers the better deal, as the latter’s options are more attractive & unique. We are not saying Thrive Leads themes are bad – they aren’t. But they can be a lot similar to one another

Both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro offers custom visual editors that are awesome in their own specific ways. But at a quick glance, we found Convert Pro option to be easier to use and control than Thrive Leads editor, which looked too congested and unorganized. Then again, the design is a subjective choice. So, we’ll let you decide.

Looking past the aesthetics, both plugins offer complete liberty to customize every single aspect of the opt-in templates fully. In fact, the sky is the limit at what you can do with them, with every element under your control.

The only key difference? Thrive Leads uses the older but still effective HTML & CSS based editor where the Convert Pro leaps ahead with their latest, more interactive PowerPoint-like visual editor with drag and drop.

3) Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro – Types Of Opt-in Forms

As far as creating high-quality mailing lists are concerned, modern websites often require more than just what a popup could offer. They need something that is more enticing, cool, and intuitive – something like great opt-in forms.

Thrive Leads Banner

Thankfully, both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro are quite well endowed in this regard, essentially offering every kind of Opt-in/pop-ups you could ever imagine. Plus, as an additional perk, content blockers are available as well.

A minor annoyance, Thrive Leads is the only one that officially offers an asset delivery tool. And while it’s true that you can still emulate this feature in Convert Pro with a bit of tinkering, it’s not as nice as experience as TL.

That said when it comes to the ever-important “White Label” option though – a great perk to handle & optimize agencies and freelancers, Convert Pro takes the lead here as Thrive Leads simply misses out on it.

With that said, there’s a bit of a chatter going around on forums saying that this long-missing feature is finally coming to Thrive Leads.

So fingers crossed!

4) Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads – A/B testing & Analytics

For those who don’t know, “A/B testing” is one of the most incredibly important features that every good mailing list opt-in solutions must have, as it allows you to better analyze and optimize conversion rates by enabling you to run simulations on potential opt-in options in a sandbox-like environment, testing their potency out.

So, digging deeper into the technical side, this is also where all the differences between Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro become more apparent. Don’t get me wrong; they both offer pretty good A/B testing channels. The differences, though, comes in the form of metrics (or their lack thereof) that are offered to the user in the end – we’ll explain.

On average, these are the types of metrics that are offered directly by Thrive Leads on their WP dashboard;

  • Conversion, its rates, and a cumulative report
  • Comparison details
  • Overall list growth & its cumulative reports
  • Lead referral and tracking reports
  • Content marketing data

Sure, all this info can be derived from Convert Pros A/B testing too. But alas, the difference is that you’d need a separate integration of Google Analytics (without it, it won’t work) to make any heads or tails about the end results.

And oh, before you ask, Thrive Leads doesn’t exactly need GA to fuel all their results. But you have an option to add it if you want.

5) Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro – Speed & Overall Performance

When it comes to anything online, speed is often considered to be a major measure of their quality. And yes, the same goes for these mailing list opt-in popup solutions too, with the fastest having better conversion rates.

To better judge Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro in these “swift” regards, we devised/ran a few tests. The results were… eh, surprising.

On paper, Thrive Leads have always claimed to be the superior option when it comes to the performance of their opt-ins. But weirdly though, that isn’t exactly what we found to be true – let us explain.

Running two mailing list opt-in plugins from both contenders, all with the same pictures, designs, and file sizes, we found Convert Pro to be the faster one rendering its plugin within just 3.10 seconds whereas TL took around 3.40 for the same.

The same trend continued on all the other tests we had further undertaken too. Convert Pro literally owned Thrive Leads as far as speed went. But in TL’s defense, it was the one that offered us the most consistent performance. There were fewer crashes, lower misfires, and generally, it felt a tiny bit more fluent if you will.

Of course, Convert Pro, too, was, all things considered, quite reliable. But never to the same degree as Thrive Leads, Not nearly enough.

6) Convert Pro Vs Thrive Leads – Comparing Their Plans, Prices, And Offers

Finally, its time to talk about their pricings. With both Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro boasting affordable price tags, we found them both to be a stellar set of deals, especially comparing all their features & competitions.

That said, though, we did found some interesting things about their pricings that we think you’ll find, well… interesting.

Thrive Leads

At the moment, Thrive Leads is available in 3 different pricing options, albeit with no unlimited/lifetime options. For a single license, the cost is $67. For five licenses, the cost goes up to $97, and finally, for $147, you’ll get 15 licenses.

With all these plans, you’ll be receiving unlimited updates forever. However, the support itself gets limited to a single year.

Convert Pro

Available in both annual and lifetime options, Convert Pro comes only in a single-tier plan. For one year, you’ll need to pay $99, which will get you 1 year of support and unlimited website licenses. For a lifetime, the cost extends to $399, which will grant you access to lifetime premium support, updates as well as unlimited sites.

The verdict: in our opinion, we loved how simple was Convert Pros pricing plans were. It was simple, easy to understand and, more logical even. In complete contrast, Thrive Leads plans were a bit too complicated for our tastes. Besides, the fact that we need to shell out extra for additional website licenses also sucked a lot.

Convert Pro Vs Thrive Leads – Frequently Asked Questions

In fact, the only plan that makes sense in TL’s Brochure is the lowest tier one, which some smaller (very!) site owners may find a use for.

Building an email list gets easier when you have the right plugin for it. And hey, if anything, you simply can’t do better than both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro – we’re sure our comprehensive review has made sure of it.

But in the off-chance that you may still have doubts, here is a quick FAQ session to get better you started on these neat tools;

1) Are these tools really worth the effort?

Yes, they are. With emails offering the whole world on a silver platter, these amazing mailing list opt-in tools are the perfect way to market your business. They are easy to set up, are easy to use, affordable, and work well. In other words, they are a real no-brainer to have if you want to spice up your marketing game in these modern times.

2) Do they allow options users to unsubscribe?

If your customer wanted to, they could easily unsubscribe themselves from your generated mailing opt-in lists whenever they want. In fact, both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro features unique “SmartLinking” that helps it to avoid better being spammy.

3) Where can I buy both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro?

With thrive leads; you can buy it straight from the WordPress dashboard. Just open the same on your computer, access the Thrive product manager, find the theme you want, tap the install button below & activate it. When it comes to Convert Pro, though, the process is a bit different. First, you have to go into, find the theme you want. Install the Zip, then go into the WordPress Dashboard & install it from there. Yup, I hope we cleared that up!

4) Do they consume a lot of resources?

Absolutely, not. Designed to run even on very modest specifications, you’ll find these amazing tools to be a breeze to handle.

5) Are these tools secure?

Yes, they are.

Key Takeaways: Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro

As measured by, Thrive Leads opt-in forms perform faster than its alternative. Indeed, we all know that Thrive Themes and its products are conversion focused.

Thrive Leads A/B test provides users with comprehensive reports within the WordPress dashboard whereas Convert Pro requires you to integrate Google Analytics and monitor A/B tests.

Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads editor – Convert Pro uses Absolute Positioning Visual Editor (allows to position elements anywhere on their opt-in forms) and Thrive Leads use Block Based editor (little bit complex task to align opt-in form elements).

Using Convert Pro, you can schedule start and end dates for the opt-in forms. On the other hand, opt-inform scheduling is not available in Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads allows you to create and optimize your opt-in forms for Mobile, desktop and Tablet versions whereas Convert Pro allows to play with only desktop and mobile versions of the opt-in forms.

Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro – The Conclusion

With that, we have come to an end with our little comparison on Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro. We sincerely hope you find it useful. Anyway, its time to announce the winner: we know this isn’t a huge surprise, but of course, the crown goes to… (drum-roll please)… Convert Pro! Yup, but hey, you already know this, right?!

Don’t get us wrong. Thrive Leads is still, and always, will be a great, reliable Mailing list opt-in solution no matter what. But when it comes to brute speed, features, and some other key factors, TL is simply too far behind the curve. The Thrive Leads design looks ancient. The plans and pricing, as affordable as they are, just plainly pales in comparison when compared with the Convert Pro’s more future-ready solutions.

All is not lost for Thrive Leads yet, though. When it comes to pure reliability, Thrive Leads is still the better option. Their collection is large, and with plans starting as low as $67, TL is still a very appealing option for many out there.


So what’s your choice then, my friend? We are eager to know. Please, do let us know in the comments section below.

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