Best Thrive Themes Products For Effective Blogging

I have been using Thrive Themes for quite a long time. Hence, I am glad to share its range of products and its features that meet your conversion focused business needs. Meanwhile, here you go for the attempts to own Thrive Themes products saving huge money.

Why everyone talks about Thrive Themes? Why are most of the bloggers comparing Thrive Themes with almost ten years old product, Genesis? Thrive Vs. Genesis.

In this post, you will get to know the reasons and understand Thrive Themes marketing tactics for online business.

Thrive Themes Products for Effective Blogging

Let us discuss in detail about each Thrive Theme product why the most bloggers love to use it for blogs and websites.

#1 Thrive Architect

Thrive-ArchitectThrive Architect is one of the most popular Thrive Themes products. This visual page builder is flexible to access, robust and specially tailored for conversion focused business websites and blogs.

It is hard to find a better alternative to Thrive Architect plugin to build such impressive web pages. Especially, this is not only the WordPress visual editor; it is a conversion optimized page builder.

To be precise, Thrive Architect is to design and edit your web pages as you need. It would be the medium of execution to feed your thirst for creativity. One major advantage is Thrive Architect works with theme independently.

I strongly prefer Thrive Architect to build my sales landing pages and home page for my multiple micro niche blogs, where I can benefit its conversion optimized feature to the maximum. I would suggest you go through this detailed review post on Thrive Architect.

#2 Thrive Leads

Thrive-LeadsApparently, Email Marketing has never lost its worth in generating business leads. Thrive Leads tool is an all-in-one plugin for email list building. If you are a novice in email marketing, then Thrive Leads is for you. You can also benefit from Thrive Leads even getting some decent leads already through email marketing campaigns. With this, you can skyrocket your email subscriber’s list.

You might wonder seeing eye-catchy pop-ups on other blogs that inherently triggers you to subscribe. It would be scarce to say that Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress blogs.

Every Thrive Theme products is developed with innovative ideas and benefits. The conversion tactics practiced by various growth hackers are cooked in this WordPress lead generation plugin to use it on your website.

Ultimately, create or design your appealing opt-in forms and trigger your visitors to subscribe to your list. Grow your email lists faster than ever before.

#3 Thrive Ovation

Thrive-OvationIn early days, I bet that most of the people do not look at the product reviews and feedbacks. Be honest; you might have added things to the cart, headed over to the Buy now button and came back from the page. Then, you will go through more reviews from different users or customers.

Anxiety kills you to fritter away your money on something not good.

Does this product work for me? Is it worth? Does it go scam?

You might have plenty of questions arising. Anyways, you are not the first buyer.

The testimonials have the power to beat your anxiety and close the sale. Before publishing your sales landing page, design your testimonials. Organize your testimonials in one spot tagging with what it is about. In today’s trend, the sales page can help you to trigger, but testimonials can only make sure to close the sale.

Thrive Ovation is the testimonial management plugin for WordPress. Any business can leverage the power of testimonial. You can gather, display and manage testimonials from within your website.

Using Thrive Ovation, you can transform the comments into testimonials, tap into the power of social testimonials, automate your testimonial collections, manage and filter perfect dazzling testimonials, and more saving your time in managing testimonials.

The best part is you can include tags to add dynamic content to update the testimonials periodically. You will never think about updating testimonials once published.

You can avail plenty of testimonials templates and choose between those suits your brand and website theme.

#4 Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive-UltimatumIf you are looking for a perfect scarcity marketing tool for WordPress, then it is the Thrive Ultimatum. Increase your sales conversions through scarcity marketing campaigns adding the fear of missing out to your audiences.

Inserting the countdown timers, running complex scarcity marketing campaigns creating the sense of urgency to trigger people what you want them to do on your landing sales page.

Using Thrive Ultimatum, you can manage and run unlimited scarcity marketing campaigns (even mixing multiple templates), displaying banners and timers on your website, spurring people to take instant actions.

Moreover, you can display those countdown timer displays on specific pages or posts under specific categories. Thrive Ultimatum is absolutely an ultimate product for e-commerce business and online stores.

#5 Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive-Headline-OptimizerHeadlines are one of the crucial factors that decide the massive success or massive failure of any blog posts. You can notice suggestions from SEO and content marketing experts, which displaying recent posts, popular posts lists in sidebar widgets and homepage would get you to boost in posts engagement.

But, this is only if your headlines appeal to your visitors to navigate through it. Else, it makes zero. Just good headlines get attention, get clicks and thus conversion.

Here Thrive Headline Optimizer comes into rescue. THO displays random headlines to the visitors and checks which headlines are getting more click-through. Thrive Headline Optimizer checks the headlines performance based on the click-through rates, time spent by the visitors on the content, and scrolling.

In short, come up with as much as headlines, then show off those to different users visiting your website, gather the engagement data based on the above factors, and THO starts displaying the captivating and winning headlines that are captivating user’s attention and engagement. Ultimately, this will result in reducing your blog posts bounce rate.

#6 Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive-Clever-WidgetsThrive Clever Widgets would be the perfect tool to make your website more relevant for your visitors. It is to display the right ads or widgets in the right place to the right users. Indeed, Thrive Clever Widgets are easy to set up and no manual editions required, even if you have hundreds and thousands of blogs posts.

Using same content or ads in the sidebar, footer or any other widget area on all the posts is no meaning. Only the relevant displays enable visitors to click on it.

Bring effectiveness on all your posts making it clever to serve with relevant ads and content in the widget area. Exact targeting matters a lot in advertising. Most of the online giants use this basic principle in displaying relevant offers to the users alluring them to click through. Clever Widgets helps you greatly in displaying relevant content or ads in the widget areas targeting the right users. Obviously, this results in higher attention, clicks, and conversions.

#7 Thrive Themes

Thrive-ThemesYou might have never seen such conversion optimized WordPress theme like Focus Blog theme. When Thrive releases Focus Blog theme, most of the blogs especially Amazon niche sites were using it. The reason behind that is its conversion nature. I am one among those bloggers who love to use Thrive Themes for my niche blogs.

Instead of using a theme along with a bundle of plugins that make your website slower, use a better theme. Thrive themes are lightweight, drag and drop page builder, pre-built landing pages, well-designed pop-up and opt-in templates, appealing widget areas, blazing social media icons, image optimization options and more.

Likewise, there are plenty of features that every blogger or business needs for its higher sales conversions. The websites are the front face that showcases your business value to your target audiences. Build it in such a way of grabbing users attention using Thrive Themes and its range of products.

#8 Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive-Quiz-BuilderThrive Quiz Builder is an amazing quiz builder to engage your visitors. Without coding knowledge, you can have beautiful as well as complex quizzes to grab reader’s attention. Thrive Quiz Builder can help you grow your email list, social shares, and data to promote your business.

With TQB, you can easily plan, create and publish stunning quizzes that make your visitors stay on your pages even for hours. With engaging content, you can see drastic traffic growth and a huge reduction in bounce rate.

Thrive is always ultimate in offering advanced and impressive features in all its products. Likewise, Thrive Quiz Builders also offer the same. It includes visualizing the quiz to check how it looks like in your page, building branch quizzes, choosing between text or image quizzes, fixing problems based on the alert from troubleshooter and more.

In short, segment your visitors, display appealing quizzes, keep engaged and prove your online promotions.

#9 Thrive Comments

Thrive-CommentsThrive Comments are one of the greatest conversion tools from Thrive Themes. Any website owner would be eager to generate more visitors and to interact with the site. Call To Actions are such triggering options to click a button or subscribe or buy or anything. We often forget to give attention to the comments section.

Moreover, your readers taking enough time to let you know their views about your content, it will be under awaiting moderation or pending approval. Instead, leaving them helpless; think about redirecting first commenters to a welcome note page and showing social share buttons to the regular comment contributors. Obviously, visitors will be highly motivated to revisit your pages and follow regularly.

In this way, can both keep your audiences engaged as well as bringing repeat visitors. Using Thrive Comments, you can leverage the power of social media to amplify your comments. You can also make your users comment from social accounts, and you can prompt them to share their contribution over the social channels.

Through these kinds of Thrive products, you can upgrade the user experience and engagement level of your website to the extreme edges. For the more details on Thrive Comments, you may refer my article about the review on Thrive Comments.

#10 Thrive Optimize

Thrive-OptimizeNo marketer can object spending time on testing go waste. A/B testing would bring huge success to your business growth and success. Every A/B testing will result in at least a small win. And every small win leads to the big success of your business.

Every business marketing strategy needs testing to improve profits. At the same time, time is precious. You can’t keep on testing and kill your time over it. Still, A/B testing is crucial.

Thrive Optimize is a perfect tool to meet the A/B testing that you actually need. If you or your business is more conversion focused, then A/B test running on your landing pages is more significant.

The major advantages of running A/B testing using Thrive Optimize are: simple and quick steps to start testing don’t require additional code snippets for different pages, and no third party testing dashboard integration.

Thrive Optimize would be a powerful tool for split testing for any WordPress products or web pages.

We have discussed in detail for your meticulous understanding of Thrive Themes products.

Thrive Membership: Instantly Access All Thrive Products

Thrive-MembershipAre you wondering to use the features and benefits of Thrive Themes products that impact your online business growth? Then, secure your Thrive membership. You can access the full suite of Thrive Themes plugins, constant updates and instant access to new plugins, unlimited support, exclusive membership courses, templates, and content.

It’s for sure that you will benefit from using all the above Thrive products to increase user experience, visitor engagement, website traffic, and business profit.

You may choose your suitable plan paying quarterly or annually. To save big money, you may prefer being a membership paid annually rather buying individual costs (comparatively costs higher).

Save Big Buying Thrive Membership 

The best way to save a huge penny on buying Thrive Themes is purchasing Thrive Membership. When you buy an annual Thrive Membership plan, you can save around 25% off from the actuals. The ball is in your court choosing the profitable Thrive Membership plans that can save your cash. It is applicable for all either you are an individual or agencies.

Along with that, Thrive Themes enables you to save big money through multiple ways as follows:

Ideas to Save Money Buying Thrive Themes Products

  • Buying Thrive Themes for multiple licenses
  • Choosing Paid Annually option instead of Quarterly
  • Getting Thrive Themes Membership

Thrive Themes, and its products are enough to set up a website or blog and featuring to make money out of it. You can notice feedback from Thrive products users stating that they cannot blog successfully without Thrive Themes products.

Over To You on Thrive Themes Products

For any attentive conversion businesses, Thrive Themes products would be the best choice in every aspect. For an instant, there is no bonafide page builder (like Thrive Architect) that comes at lower costs with lifetime updates.

Similarly, Thrive Leads would be best conversion optimized plugin for your startup business.

Thrive Themes also has more hidden features than any of its competitors. If you have used Thrive Themes products for your online business, then you are losing huge business opportunities. For higher conversion, and more sales to happen, you can go with the all-in-one conversion optimized package, Thrive Themes.

Buy its membership plan; unlock instant access to all its products, plugins and knowledge resources. You can get unlimited support too.

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