Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes (StudioPress) – Comparison With Real Benefits

In this page, let me present a detailed comparison of Thrive themes Vs StudioPress Genesis themes. I am precisely not here to recommend anything. I am going to make a clear picture of each one’s features-set, ups, and downs here.

Hope, this will be helpful to go with your suitable one.

One valid reason that why “I” should talk about Thrive themes and Genesis themes also Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes. I used Genesis for years and enjoyed its benefits. Also, currently I have been using Thrive products for few of my landing pages and getting more responses and conversions. As an experienced user of both, I am gladder to share my experience and thoughts.

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes

S.NoParametersThrive ThemesGenesis Themes
#18User ReviewGoodGreat
#3Fast LoadingYesYes
#4Drag-Drop FeatureAvailableAvailable
#5Built-in PluginsGood enough numbersHolds plenty
#6Landing Page templatesAvailable in plentyAvailable & easy to develop
#7SEO FriendlyGuaranteedGuaranteed
#8Conversion RateConversion FocusedGood
#9Customizable HeaderSimple-to-use CreateFeatured Custom header options
#10Customization OptionEasyVery Easy
#11Child Theme DesignEasy to buildMore available & easy to develop
#12Flexibility with Other ThemesCompatibleCompatible
#13Mobile ResponsiveYesYes
#14WordPress CompatibilityHighly CompatibleHighly Compatible
#15Basic Coding Skills NeedNot requiredRequired, But not mandatory
#16Google Page SpeedRecommendedStrongly Recommended
#17Schema Mark-upYesYes, Available

Here is a reason why we have to seriously discuss WordPress themes and come out with a shootout comparison: Thrive Themes Vs Genesis. Does this mean a lot?

Yes, of course.

We all know that there are surprising statistics on WordPress. WordPress almost influences 27% of the internet and WordPress sites receive more than 22 billion page views monthly.

With this statistics, it is straightforward that everyone will prefer WordPress than other content management system or website builder. There are around 50 thousand plugins and a countless number of responsive WordPress themes available online. The dilemma here is to choose your proper theme that is flexible to customize, fast and worthy.
As far as few factors like speed, customizable, pricing and SEO is concerned, then we will have to check for this two:

Thrive Vs Genesis.

Thrive Themes Vs Studiopress Themes (Genesis)

For your reference, I am presenting here a quick comparison chart: Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes. Now, I don’t want to keep dragging. Let us get into the core topic.

Thrive Themes – A Skyrocketing JUMBO

I am still wondering how Thrive Themes are influencing the online market in a short span of time. It is sprouting like anything. Is that because online now becomes a more significant platform to drive customers and thereby sales conversion? It may be true.

Thrive themes is famous for its conversion marketing tools by which you can turn out your traffic as big fans of yours, or customers or finally sales. The Thrive theme has been brought up considering users expectations in mind, and it comprises of all that needs for a complete website.

The uniqueness is that Thrive themes fast-loading even with a bundle of features altogether. Moreover, customization is made simple compared to others. You don’t have to be master in coding.

Features of Thrive Themes

Thrive themes comes with below list of features by which it is prevailing as the suitable and ease of use tool.

#Fast Loading

As a site owner, we might not bother about site loading speed. But users will consider it as a real deciding factor to continue or neglect our page. If users are clicking on the results in the SERP, Your site has to load within 2 seconds.

Else they may ignore you, and there are chances your competitor comes next. There you are losing your reader base and gaining the audience to your competitors. Now, you can understand how page loading speed is a primary one.

I am a happy user of thrive with its fast loading and performance. I have been using for my niche sites and I can see difference in my page loading speed with Thrive.

Thrive Themes page templates are more focused on conversion, speed and impressive look as well. The themes are light web so that automatically this helps you to boost your site loading time.

#Conversion optimized for marketing

Thrive themes developers were keen to meet the marketing requirements while designing. Hence, Thrive themes page templates are best in regards to conversion marketing tools. Building your more responsive website with Thrive themes, you can merely convert your visitors into customers or sales.

#Child Themes Compatibility

Thrive themes are good at supporting child themes. Almost, as Thrive themes child theme come with options ensuring the sleek and professional look of your website, you don’t need to have much customization.

However, if you would like to customize parent themes making structural changes to specific pages or creating the set of templates and more, you don’t need to install any plug-ins to customize your themes explicitly.

#Comfortable Customization

Everyone would be having unique thought in mind while designing a website. Thrive themes are best in feeding everyone’s thirst. Still, if you want to customize themes further to bring out as much more impressive templates, and then you can have breeze experience with Thrive themes as it is quite user-friendly for customizations. You need not be reliable in coding or CSS.

#Worth your Penny

There may be reviews that Thrive themes are costlier than others. I would say no. With a bundle of features, their pricing is at lower end comparatively. You can enjoy the benefits more than what you are paying as they value your money.

I would enjoy using Thrive themes and its products as I can make benefits out of it more than what I have to pay.

Hence, I still prefer using Thrive products looking for no other Thrive themes.


  • Conversion optimized marketing themes
  • Use Thrive Architect with any themes
  • Mobile responsive design templates
  • SEO optimized and easy to customize
  • Don’t require many additional installations
  • No need to be strong in coding


  • Bit costlier but its worth

Few Other Thrive Themes Products Highlights

#Thrive Leads

Grow your subscriber’s list and promote your business in driving more sales. As Thrive Leads, assist you to design online opt-in or subscriber form in such an impressive way to build your mailing lists.

#Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual editor comes with drag-drop option enabling you to design your posts just as you go. You can more conveniently insert buttons, elements, and layouts with Thrive Architect.

Have much responsive landing pages to grab reader’s attention to pitch your sales or build your network using Thrive Architect tool. It can be either official invitations or schedules or opt-in pages or site landing pages.

#Thrive Landing Page Vs StudioPress (Genesis Themes)

If you are keener to have your landing page as a salient one, then I will recommend choosing Thrive Architect landing page builder. There are people curious in looking for thrive landing pages Vs other best themes. Throughout my experience, I would say there is no better thrive alternatives in terms of landing page. Genesis is coming with high responsive design templates still it roams around as a runner with regards to landing page.

Note: Don’t restrict yourself in using Thrive Architect only in combination with Thrive themes. If you are using any themes framework, you can combine it with Thrive Architect to make your pages more eye-catching.

In the latter part of this page, I will be presenting a comparison: Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes on various aspects.

#Clever Widgets

With clever widgets, you can have different widgets for different pages on your site. You can quickly place your particular widgets on the specific pages, engaging your readers to give them a better experience. For sales promotions or email list building or affiliate marketing, you can quickly grasp your targeted readers attention with Thrive Clever Widgets.

#Headline Optimizer

For content marketing, pick your best working titles with the help of Thrive headline optimizer. This tool analyses various headlines suits your content and suggest with your best performing titles.

#Thrive Ultimatum

For any products or service selling websites, Thrive Ultimatum is an ultimate marketing tool. Add countdown timers for scheduling your marketing campaigns and thereby driving more sales.

#Thrive Ovation

Customer’s reviews or testimonials always add credits to your high-grade work. It is quite simple to add testimonials to your landing pages, sales pages with Thrive Ovation plug-in.

#Thrive Quiz Builder

You can build your customer engaging pages with attractive quizzes to get their valuable insights and reviews to improve yourself.

#Thrive Comments

Have your charming comments section with Thrive Comments plug-in, including features like voting, comments count, etc.,

#Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize is an A/B testing tool to get more conversions on your essential pages. This product is a premium add-on for Thrive Architect, particularly for A/B testing.

Genesis themes

StudioPress Genesis themes were built considering the importance of SEO and hence, it always most popular framework. Genesis Themes are the user-friendly, and supportive themes available for beginners, especially for any new bloggers.

As I have been using StudioPress Genesis framework for years, I guess Genesis customization would be a bit hard for the new users. You don’t have to be strong enough in coding for using Genesis framework. Still, you have to acquire some basic HTML or CSS to make your site more impressive with elements.

Features of StudioPress/Genesis themes

#Lightweight Themes

Genesis themes framework relies on HTML 5. Hence it is lightweight and does offer more responsive design templates. It never fails to offer promising page loading speed as if you are willing to go with StudioPress Genesis Themes as it is.

#Flexible for Start-ups

Easy installation even for the first time thus most of the beginners will find comfortable to start with Genesis themes. It enables you to update your sites instantly to the current version. Most of the start-up webmasters would prefer StudioPress Genesis themes.

#Ready-to-use Parent Themes

There are statements that if you want to customize Genesis themes, you need basic coding knowledge at least. Though, Genesis offers more responsive designs letting you to use with its default. No more customization is required.

Genesis themes are more SEO-friendly and particularly optimized themes for on-page SEO. It comes with plenty of custom theme layout and widgets options which are mobile responsive and optimized correctly for all browsers, screen sizes and so on.

#Pricing Plans

If you are choosing lifetime package, you get everything unlimited including support and updates. Moreover, most of the other companies will charge you for each developer license. Here, you don’t need to buy developer licenses. There are no annual membership fees and you can use it for your’s or your client’s sites as you can use an unlimited number of websites.


  • More responsive parent themes
  • Adds Sleek and professional look
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Featured images auto-size feature
  • SEO and mobile responsive themes


  • Needs additional installations mostly
  • Requires HTML, CSS coding to customize

Here is the list of few StudioPress Genesis plugins

#Genesis Author Pro

To create an online library of books attractively with custom widgets and post types, Genesis Author Pro plug-in will assist you. You can also attractively display book details in archives.

#Genesis Responsive Slider

This plug-in allows you to create impressive slider displaying featured images along with title from each post.
Genesis Simple Edits

To make customization of the child themes easier, you will have to install Genesis Simple Edits plug-in. For instant, even for editing your credits make use of this plug-in for customization.

#Genesis Simple Hooks

This Simple Hooks plugin allows you to have a new Genesis settings page to insert code and to add it to any of the action hook through the entire framework. Instead of going for tedious process of creating functions, you may use this plug-in in your themes to get it more attractive easily.

#Simple Social Icons

This plug-in lets you to have your customizable social icons linking to your various social media profiles. You can also drive traffic to your website from social networks.

#Genesis Connect For WooCommerce

Seamlessly, you can connect your WooCommerce with Genesis framework and child themes using this plug-in.
As I stated above, it is little hard for the new users to mess up with Genesis. However, if you have got through those struggles, then customization becomes quite easier installing additional plugins.

The BATTLE between Thrive Themes & Genesis Themes

There is always a fierce battle between studiopress themes and thrive themes and hence, there are more and more articles over the web on studiopress themes vs thrive themes, Genesis vs thrive themes and so on. Each of them having benefits one over the other giving stiff competition to the next.

To make explicit reference, here I am going to highlight its ups and downs depending on few aspects which you have to be more conscious before choosing your best suitable.

Features of Thrive Themes & Genesis Themes

#Fast and Lightweight

In general, Genesis themes framework is well known for its fast loading as its parent theme files are moderately small compared to Thrive parent themes. Nobody can give up their efforts on improving their site loading speed.

If your site takes more time to load, then you have to lose your 50% of traffic. It is not that simple to incur this loss at any cost.

I have been using both Thrive as well as Genesis for my few niche sites. There may minute variation in page loading speed of both. However, I would love to prefer both even now.

Almost both are balancing each other regarding lightweight framework thus offering their users with speed and fast loading. Thrive themes stands out of both as its speed rate is appreciable even with a bundle of features whereas

Genesis is limited for its elements.

#Landing Page Templates & SEO optimized

If you are concerned about SEO, then Genesis and Thrive themes both are built and optimized for SEO factors. We all know that page content and its look are quite important factors in SEO. Genesis framework has built-in on-page SEO options and image optimization options.

Regarding landing page, Thrive Content Builder comes with the featured list of custom widgets as Clever Widgets. It enables you to make your page more decent and professional having specific widgets for particular pages.

You can add elements like comparison table, pricing table, widgets, data elements, Google Map Embed and furthermore having content builder plugin. In case of going with Genesis, you can enjoy most of its features, but anyhow you have to multiple opt-in plugins for using such elements.

Thrive Content Builder TCB comes with in-built TOC (Table of Content) to make your table creation as you go and moreover, your users will have a pleasant experience to navigate throughout your post. For precise pages, you can use default TOC.

You can provide easy access to your users with multiple resources as you can quickly insert the call to action buttons using TCB.

#Child Theme Support and Customization

StudioPress/Genesis does have 50+ Responsive Turnkey Designs, and the list keeps growing whereas Thrive has only around 10+ parent themes. Here Genesis beats Thrive offering more number of responsive design templates.

Though, with a limited number of parent themes Thrive assists its users in giving freedom to customize to any level how you want. Hence, Thrive child theme support level is to a greater extent.

Moreover, customization doesn’t require hi-fi coding skills or don’t have to depend on developers support. You can work around your schedule aiming progress of your online blogs or business websites.

In case of Genesis, it is no way lacking in serving its users, as it comes with more number of responsive and lightweight themes. Only thing, you have to spend the time even to make necessary changes in themes, and you have to go developer assistance for significant customization or enhancements.

You can install Genesis Simple Edits plugin, to make such fundamental customization of child themes. If you are a person ready to use Genesis as it is, then Genesis is apparently preferable.

You can include related posts inside the blog post to make your readers engage with informative resources and to get in-depth knowledge. Genesis has no such inbuilt features to assist on this.

#Conversion Marketing Tools

Here, we have to accept that Thrive themes are designed explicitly for conversion blindly. Thrive comes with a set of products like Thrive Leads, and Thrive Ultimatum to help you in promoting your products or services. Naturally, you may not refuse that you are vigorous in building the network and expanding your business.

Hence, Thrive defeats Genesis in this aspect, as Genesis does support with Generate Pro but not much optimized mainly to build your email list or branding.

#Additional Installations

Genesis never lags behind in offering a high quantity of responsive design templates, child theme customization, custom widgets, image optimization. The only drawback here is either you have to add multiple Genesis or third-party plugins for every task.

Thrive Themes comes with a cluster of products and plugins to do your child theme customization, building your great landing pages and more.

#Ease of Use

StudioPress Genesis has been on the market for years than Thrive themes. There are more than millions of trusted users running Genesis. Probably, any new users or beginners would choose Genesis by its ease of use.

Thrive is a raising giant grabbing more users and experts with its features and benefits. You have to install only themes, which supports child theme as well as it comes loaded with customization features.

Moreover, here is a kicker. You can use Thrive Architect with any third party themes rather than going only with Thrive themes. For example, I have been using Generate Press theme with Thrive Architect. To make my page more attractive and featured, I prefer to combine it with Thrive Architect to enhance further. You can see the magic as you are now on this page.

I am glad to share you that I am also using Thrive themes for my other few niche sites and I am happier to suck its juices as a sack of benefits.

#In-total Performance

Genesis Themes are extensively favorite for its speed and fast loading, however, Thrive performance would be better than Genesis.

Though there are other factors to conclude on the total performance, not only the loading time. Is Genesis framework worth it? Yes, if it is enough for you to choose Genesis themes as default, then its performance would be unimaginable.

Thrive themes performance would be superior for those who want to alter themes as their wish.

Pricing Plans – Thrive Themes & Genesis Themes

Genesis Theme Framework: For around $100, you can have the license for unlimited sites, child theme along with support and updates. No need to buy an individual license key for each developer. You can have multiple client sites too. Are you eager to know “how much is a Genesis membership?” Genesis Pro Plus Memebership allows you to download their entire theme collections and includes Genesis framework, future themes, unlimited support and more. Genesis membership costs you around $500 which may be slightly at higher end. But it deserves the value.

Thrive Themes: For a single site license with unlimited features and free updates, you have to spend around $67 (1-year support included). For multiple sites license, from $97 to $147. In case, you want to use your client’s application or sites and to get access to all Thrive products; it is recommended to be Thrive Membership (unlimited support included), you have to afford $19/month.

In short, Genesis would be cost-effective if you are looking themes for unlimited sites with limited features. To enjoy more features and benefits, Thrive is worthy (you can install up to 15 sites).

Thrive Themes & Genesis Themes

Both Thrive and Genesis are at its extreme level in assisting their customers that I can bet. Genesis is always top in its unlimited customer support service responding to your queries or support request.

Thrive precedes a step ahead by not only supporting your queries. They will also come with up with videos frequently to educate you more on Thrive products and to reap most out of it. Only thing, the validity of free support depends on the plan you are choosing. As a Thrive agency member, you can enjoy unlimited support service even they will be publishing related blogs on your thrive dashboard.

Exclusive comparison on a key feature: Thrive Architect Vs Genesis Framework

Here is a small comparison: Thrive Vs Genesis – on a unique feature of Thrive Themes what people mostly are looking for.

It is not mandatory to choose Thrive themes to work on Thrive Architect. You can apply any themes on Thrive Architect and build your striking landing page. There is no alternative to Thrive Architect, even StudioPress Genesis framework fails to support with this feature.

Conclusion on Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Framework: Which one to choose, at last?

To be honest, both Thrive Themes and StudioPress Genesis Themes have its UNIQUE features and benefits. I have shared all in and out for your explicit reference.

It is excellent to proceed with Genesis, and it’s child theme if you want just Themes for a minimal website having and professional look and feel.

As a beginner, those who are not having an idea to invest much on themes, prefer Genesis – a cost-effective one. For more features, you can have other 3rd party free tools.

If you want something more than just themes like CONVERSION or business promotions via email or affiliate marketing, then you have to choose Thrive Themes, but don’t bother about paying. It is for sure you can enjoy the features and benefits and ROI more than what you have paid.

We could see more users switching over to Thrive from Genesis. It is because they are looking for more features and customization options to save their splendid time and build many impressive sites.

It is highly robust to build such an aggressive site with Genesis, and it’s child themes whereas you can quickly create it using Thrive Themes. I hope this comparison; Thrive Themes Vs Genesis Themes would be more helpful to choose your suitable one. Now, I am leaving it to you in picking your opt choice considering every aspect.

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