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15+ List of Best Travel Blogs To Follow in 2021 – Start Exploring Today!

Are you ready to experience adventures across the world? Shut all your regular boring itineraries and hit the road. But, if you want to make your vacation, the most splendid, cost-effective and pleasure, then you must hear to some travel experts advice. To find the best routes, accommodations, secret trails, must-visit places, and not-to-miss foods at any destinations, you should follow those inspirational travel bloggers. Hence, I’m compiling here the list of travel blogs to follow in 2021 and forever.

The worldwide travelers who share their travel stories and tips can make you travel like a pro and play like a local anywhere. Our list of best of best travel blogs here is suitable for photographers, travel lovers, solo travelers, female travelers, and even for family travel planners. Almost these expert travelers are bloggers too. The digital nomads master in SEO, content creation, and online promotions.

So, skim through the list of top travel blogs, pick your suitable one that resonates to your travel style and go on an adventure that’s beyond your expectations.

Top Travel Blogs To Follow In 2021

Travel blogs are the wonderful resources of information to make your trips smarter and cheaper. Get inspired to explore the world reading these top blogs in the travel industry. I’m sure there are so many travel blogs, but how to choose the best travel blogs to follow? You are in luck. Here are those –

1. Blogging From Paradise – Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is the man behind Blogging From Paradise blog. He is a cool, fun and enthusiastic travel blogger.

As the blog name suggests, Ryan blogs from paradise – Bali, Thailand, California, Fiji, etc. Despite these destinations, he had been to several other countries like India, Tibet, Nepal, Iceland, Cambodia, and even more exploring the world.

I always admire to know how he makes money and build relationships with blogging and travelling around the globe simultaneously. But, he is so cool in writing travel and blogging kinds of stuff naturally. He loves putting his adventures and experiences into words.

He is known for his popular eBook “Retire to a Life of Island Hopping” through blogging and several other online courses and Amazon books. Though it falls short to help you with travel packing tips, you can get inspired by his travel stories and make your trip to certain destinations. Above all, he helps you to make money online to lead your life happily travelling.

Website: Blogging From Paradise

2. Slight North – Dan & Di

Dan and Di – the lovely couples are behind the scenes of Slight North. Being digital nomads, these fellows are master in digital marketing, blogging, content writing, and travelling too. They travel full-time, not to mention, they don’t even have a home base. Every five weeks once they move to a new city or country exploring new things.

If you are planning to visit Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Abu Dhabi – you must read Slight North blog articles.

Most importantly, their mission is to ensure greenery and transforming the protected nature for the upcoming generations. So, they decided to donate 10% of their ad revenue to reforestation. So, every time you read their article, you are benefited out of their travel tips. Along with that, you are contributing to their social interests.

Website: Slight North

3. Nomadic Matt – Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a NY Times best-selling author of ‘How to travel the world on $50 a day’ and ’10 Years a Nomad’. Nomadic Matt blog is a travel blog on his name itself. For your all your travel-related questions like how to get money to travel, great deals on travel, how to cut-down the flight and accommodations costs, best places to visit, or anything, you will find answers here.

With his first trip to Costa Rica, he gets inspired and was hooked on travel. So far, he has traveled to over 100 countries and territories, stayed in more than 1000 hotels, tasted a variety of foods and made friends.

Following Nomadic, you will find tested tips from years of his travel experience, plan the budget for your trips, and so on. Being a popular and potential travel blogger, he made his blog featured on BBC, Forbes, National Geographic, and even more.

Website: Nomadic Matt

4. The Travel Episodes – Johannes Klaus

Johannes Klaus, along with the other four, blended the boundaries through his blog The Travel Episodes. You find their travel episodes appear in German and English. Even when I visited this blog for the first time, I just astonished. I realized how these travel bloggers are tuning their life with adventures across the world.

His magical words like the 100 miles on the tracks of Calusa, Florida, then, he narrates Moab, Utah as the west world and so on. That really inspires me. You must check out his blog today and get lost with their travel episodes.

Website: The Travel Episodes

5. Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten

Matthew Karsten, is the full-time travel adventurer, photographer, and blogger. He has been traveling around the world for over 9 years, visited 50+ countries. Through his travel blog Expert Vagabond, he shares budget travel tips, fun YouTube travel videos, inspiring travel photos, and plenty of other outdoor adventures.

This blog broadly focuses on travel, photography and nomadic living. Your travel doesn’t to be an expensive one, and the world isn’t dangerous. You are liberal to travel all around. Switch to travel mode with the travel tips and guides from expert travel bloggers.

Website: Extra Vagabond

6. Hippie In Heels – Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones lovely runs this blog with amazing travel stories and explorations. Graduated as a Nurse, but during her studies, she got addicted to traveling. She is more passionate about creating her own reality. Obviously, being a travel blogger brings all the fame. Travelling to over 30 countries, some of her favorite destinations are Hawaii, Jordan, Turkey, and Sri Lanka.

As the blog name says, Hippie in Heels, she can’t sit idle at a place for days. With here years of travel experience in various countries, she can help you with travel resources for flight and hotel bookings. She also writes about travel beauty products, packing, health, etc. to turn your dreams in to travel plans.

Website: Hippie In Heels

7. The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten

The award-winning solo female travel blog that you should check today before planning for your vacations.

Anything like solo female travel, budget travel, student travel, luxury travel, etc. across the world, Kiersten (Kiki) can guide you. She is the power behind The Blonde Abroad. She has got wide experiences from her world tour to around 71 countries; she keeps sharing it with women across the globe through this blog.

She can specifically help you with destination guides for nature, wildlife, beaches, scuba diving, photography, snowboarding, or anything you wish to admire in the world. Her blog has got 1 million email subscribers to access her exclusive travel tips, and giveaways.

Website: The Blonde Abroad

8. Alison’s Adventures – Alison Teal

Alison Teal, she excites to travel around the earth to capture films, investigate the world’s greatest myths, and encountering exotic people on the planet. Alison’s Adventures is full of her travel stories and of course, let’s call it as your passport to this world.

She has been celebrated as a Time Magazine’s Female Indiana Jones, and she deserves it though. With more social awareness and interest, she likes to educate others the same through her films. Indeed, Alison’s Adventures series inspires millions of followers of all ages. Her storytelling with humor brings her such huge audiences. Sure, following her blog, you will get inspired to travel the world and experience the varieties in other edges of the world.

Website: Alison’s Adventures

9. Y Travel Blog – Caroline & Craig Makepeace

Caroline and Craig Makepeace, a married couple from Australia successfully share their travel experiences and making money out of it too. Beyond exploring the world, if you want to make money to travel full-time, they can help you.

Lived in 5 countries and traveled to 53 other countries, this travel couple can better nurture the cultural experiences over there. Fuel your travel dreams to meet your lifestyle, passion, commitment and unprecedented experiences.

Despite all, they are good writers, speakers, social media influencers, and travel mentors. It makes less sense that you can’t travel after having kids. Explore this world with your thriving buddies.

Website: Y Travel Blog

10. Female Travel Bloggers

From four different professional backgrounds like PR, journalism, web development and education, women from 4 different parts of this world run this blog. The crew aims to share travel tips, deals, connect people with members across their travel community to develop your travel blog.

It’s a complete space to make your living through your travel blog and stories. Most of the people will have fear and confusion to make money to travel. But, tips and advice from these travel and blogging experts can make your travel life easier and comfortable.

Website: Female Travel Bloggers

11. Lauren’s Travel Diary – Lauren Pears

Being fascinated with the travel at her young age, she ended up her career as a travel blogger and writer. Lauren Pears, fueled by her dad’s travel experiences, she started Lauren’s Travel Diary. She gladly accepts that she loved reading other people’s travel blog when travelling her first trip.

Realizing that, this blog becomes a part of her life and helps many other seekers to plan their trips and enjoy their holidays. You can discover more travel outdoors, wildlife, backpacking, etc. to make your travels more enjoyable.

Website: Lauren’s Travel Diary

12. Migrationology – Mark Wiens

It’s a kind of travel food blog. Mark Wiens believes that food connects people when travelling. Migrationology helps people who travel for food to know about local food in other destinations. There are around 50K email subscribers, aka food travel blog lovers. When he started this blog, he made money through English teaching. Later, he tailored to earn money through his food travel blog.

He also published some food-related eBooks and posts more food videos on YouTube. Unlike other travel bloggers who would love to travel to explore the culture and destinations; he travels for delicious food. It’s quite interesting. He is now settled in Bangkok, providing authentic food through his restaurant and travel information through his blog.

Website: Migrationology

13. Vicky Flip Flop Travels – Vicky

The most helpful travel blog for people those who are planning trips on their annual leave, weekends, and long vacations. Being a solo female traveler blog, she can’t save the world, though. But, she can help you travel lovers to know the cultural variations anywhere else and move on. In 2019, she started a podcast – So She Travels to get connect with other female travel bloggers and build the network.

Among 1000’s of other travel blogs from the UK, Vicky Flip Flop Travels scientifically ranked as #9 by Vuelio (the PR industry’s most powerful media database). So she is not just a typical travel blogger, she is the inspiration.

Website: Vicky Flip Flop Travels

14. A Broken Backpack – Melissa Glroux

Melissa Glroux is behind this exciting blog, A Broken Backpack. She greatly helps people who plan for long-term travels. With her awesome travel deals, her latest travel adventures, destination guides, etc.

When planning for a trip, you will find amazing deals on booking a flight, hotel accommodations, backpacking, maintaining your health and beauty and everything. You should bookmark this blog and check it once before stepping ahead for a trip. I’m sure; this is one of the best travel blogs to follow if you are a travel lover.

Website: A Broken Backpack

15. The Blog Abroad – Gloria Atanmo

Being a solo female traveler, she inspires everyone through her journeys. She has been traveled to 70+ countries across 6 continents and it continues. Gloria Atanmo, is the enthusiastic travel blogger behind this dazzling blog. She has also contributed amazing eBooks like From ‘Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling The World’. The blog has got 50K+ email subscribers. If you are travel lover or you are about to travel on flight for the first time in your life, she has got travel advice for all.

She embraces every corner of this world as her home. Featured on popular sites like The Huffington Post through her publications and interviews on several other sites. Through her blog, The Blog Abroad, she also helps you with deals on travel accommodations, and tips to make your trips cheapest and admirable. And, hence, this blog deserves to be one among the best travel blogs to follow now and then.

Website: The Blog Abroad

Final Words – Travel Blogs To Follow

So, here you have it. The best travel blogs around the world for photography, wildlife adventures, food, film-making or anything. Life is all about explorations. Let this world be your home, travel around, help others to travel, and make money. With the inspiring travel stories from these expert travel blogs and bloggers, make your trips affordable, enjoyable and memorable. Let’s meet somewhere while travelling.

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    Nice post. I really enjoyed reading this and can’t stop myself to say something about it. This article is really very informative as it display the completeness of information related to all travel bloggers who travel worldwide and share their travel stories and tips that can make us to travel like a pro and play like a local anywhere.

    Travelling and sharing your stories is not an easy task. you have to do a lot of research related to that places, and you have to be master in SEO, content creation and online promotions. Travel blog are the best source of information to make your trips smarter and cheaper. But its really difficult to choose as there are so many travel blogs.

    I am very thankful to you for sharing this list of top blogs in travel industry which will surely inspired many people to go and explore the world.

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      Thank you for sharing your comments; travelling is challenging, and sharing the live travel experience is tricky, because the traveler must face more challenges, excite and empower others in order to create a plot.

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