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WP Engine Review 2021 – Best WordPress Managed Hosting!

Indeed, there are so many hosting services available for your WordPress sites. But, what if you are looking for a more performance-oriented and secured service? It becomes a key to identify a top-notch WordPress host. This, WP Engine review would help you to realize why most of the professional WordPress users are dominantly using it.

I’m glad to present a WP Engine review for WordPress platforms with specific features, pros, cons, performance, pricing, and even more. Before making a purchase, I wish you to know whether this is the right WordPress hosting solution for you or not. Let’s get started.

WP Engine Review: Make A BIG Move For Improved Speed & Performance!

The hosting industry has now become super-confusing space with the evolution in the self-hosted WordPress platforms. Several big hosting brands now offer an exclusive flavor of WordPress hosting.

Some simply have the same shared hosting but with trained WordPress people to support you. On the other hand, a few will have more optimized server-side features for WordPress, staging area, etc. In such criteria, I take responsibility to nominate WP Engine for your WordPress sites.

Moreover, get instant access to 36+ premium WordPress themes by StudioPress and Genesis framework (that costs over $2,000) at no additional costs.

About WP Engine

Due to the rising popularity of WordPress, the team realizes the need for a spectacular hosting solution exclusively for WordPress websites. Hence, WPEngine hosting plans are exclusive for self-hosting WordPress sites (other platforms are unlucky).

Founded in 2010, WP Engine may be late to this competitive hosting industry. But, from day one, it strives to support WordPress core and community consistently. When you want your WordPress site highly secured, speed- optimized, well-performing without doing a lot of work, then WP engine managed hosting must be your choice.

With its suite of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions build anything from content hub to self-hosted WP sites to eCommerce platforms. While this may be true, it’s time to host/migrate your WordPress site on WP Engine managed hosting servers for the enhanced security and performance.

Why Use WP Engine – The WordPress-Specific Hosting Service?

Does your WordPress blog falls short to load faster? And, it lacks advanced security features? Then, you should consider moving your blog to the hosting servers that are tailor-made for WordPress. Significant key benefits are using WordPress-specific hosts like WP Engine. Here are some of WP Engine’s WordPress-specific features –

  • Quick & easy site migrations
  • Git version control
  • Using latest PHP versions
  • Free SSL certificate for your WordPress sites
  • Support for setting up WP staging sites
  • Performance tracking & diagnostic features

WordPress hosting can be shared or not, but it comes with optimized solutions specifically for WordPress platforms. It includes automatic or one-click WordPress installations, extensive security features with certain WordPress security threats in mind, etc. Most importantly, the exclusive support from the WordPress experts. Indeed, it makes sense.

Don’t panic; it doesn’t make much difference in pricing when you are serious about your WordPress website’s performance. It is worth considering the outcomes. Not to mention, WPEngine is superior as always.

While running a business; it is always smarter to outsource specific tasks to the hands of experts. The managed WordPress hosting is one such a one that can save you huge time.


  • One-click staging environment
  • Rock-solid uptime
  • Free SSL & CDN gateways
  • Proprietary caching with EverCache
  • Threat detection & blocking
  • Quick and safe disaster recovery
  • Auto-migration plug-ins for easy move
  • Server-side caching ensures faster loading


  • AWS advanced technology partner
  • Well-optimized for WordPress sites
  • Complete & managed hosting solution
  • Ensures solid & consistent site performance
  • Global data centers
  • Dedicated support by WordPress experts
  • Advanced security features that other hosts don’t offer
  • Can even handle traffic spikes with no compromise or downtime


  • Doesn’t fit beginner’s budget
  • Offers only managed hosting.

Customer Opinion

Being a user of other hosting services, I’m a big fan of WP Engine because of their focus on WordPress. It’s security, speed and develop-friendly tools are incomparable. 

WP Engine Speed & Performance

Indeed, features and support are essential, and it varies between different hosts. But, speed and performance are never compromised. That is what makes or breaks your site success. Considering which, WP Engine offers several performance-enhancing features like free CDN, GeoTarget add-on to optimize your site for specific locations, global data centers, and even more.

WP Engine features with an in-built advanced caching mechanism combining proxy servers and caching. You will see better improvement in your site loading speed just moving your site to WP Engine managed servers (without doing any additional gigs to improve speed).

WP Engine Banner

Also, there is a page performance testing tool in your WP dashboard that breaks down the page loading speeds. So, with the reports, know-how any specific changes to your site impacts the loading speed. It also provides valuable recommendations to fix WordPress site speed issues.

Unlike other typical shared hosts, WP Engine automates most of the functions like daily backups, plug-in updates, etc. So, keep yourself busy with what you like to do other than hosting interruptions.

WP Beginner performs a load impact study on WP Engine performance and ensures that the server performance is steady even where there is a sudden surge in traffic. With the fastest content delivery network, the server response time is quite good for almost all geographic locations.

WPEngine Security Options

Hosting your WordPress site on WP Engine managed servers; the WordPress core is automatically updated to its latest versions. Worry not, WP thoroughly tests any major core updates before upgrading.

Most importantly, with their multi-layered security measures like SSL, proprietary threat detection and blocking prevents your site from awful DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, and SQL injection from hackers.

Also, the WP Engine in-house team handles the code reviews and security audits of all internal environments and processes. So, your WordPress site is highly secured and protected in the hands of experts. WP Engine is likely a concierge service to your WordPress platforms.

WP Engine Customer Support

Obviously, 24/7/365 support to assist you day and night. Including 14+ SME’s, trained teams, and 100’s of WordPress experts, you can leverage extensive customer support and service from WP Engine.

A separate crew of WordPress experts in the US and Ireland is readily available to hear you anytime via chat. Anything from site migration to site launch to its growth, WP Engine has a team of technology enthusiasts that helps you to stay ahead always.

WP Engine Pricing Plans

As we all know, WP Engine offers only managed WordPress hosting with four different plans – startup, growth, scale, and custom. All the WPEngine managed WordPress hosting plans differ in terms of server resources, websites, and so on.

The major downside of WP Engine is its pricing – little on the upper side when compared to other competitive WordPress managed hosts. And, its overage charges for every 1,000 extra visits (when the number of monthly visits exceeds the hosting plan limit). That’s good too when your site receives a traffic spike; it never fails to withstand the load. Your website will perform like always irrespective to the volume of traffic at any point in time.

By the way, any plan you choose, make sure to prepay annually to save and get two-month free hosting.

WP Engine Money-Back Guarantee

Fortunately, WPEngine doesn’t lock its customer into long-term contracts. You can choose monthly plans of your choice. Still, if you wish to save some bucks that equal its two months hosting charges, then pay annually. You can avail 60-days money-back guarantee while discontinuing its services at any point you find it’s not right fit for you.

FAQ On Review Of WP Engine For WordPress users

Ready to get started with WP Engine? Or, still, if you have got any questions before making a big move. Take a breath, read on and get clarified on things. Also, if you have any other specific questions, connect with me in the comments section.

1) Is WP Engine right for you?

If you are looking for a hassle-free but also a secured, performance-optimized, and managed WordPress hosting, then it is. For bloggers and businesses, it may be a little expensive, but you can save huge time leaving the hosting technicalities to the experts. Especially, developers will find WP Engine advanced features more beneficial to set up a staging area, scale up the resources when their client’s traffic increases, and so on.

2) How can WP Engine servers make my WordPress sites faster?

With proprietary caching mechanism – EverCache, global data centers, and content delivery network WP Engine ensures your WordPress site to load faster than ever before.

3) Is it secured to host on WP Engine managed servers?

The advanced security elements in WP Engine dynamically detect and blocks malicious threats before it impacts your WordPress site and its performance. Traffic with SSL encryption, automated-daily back-ups, rapid disaster recovery can safeguard your WordPress platform round the clock.

4) Should I pay monthly or annually choosing WP Engine managed hosting plans?

You have the liberty to choose either its monthly or annual payment mode. But, the thing is prepaying annually, you can save money that almost costs your two-month hosting charges. However, you have 60 days money-back guarantee.

5) Does WP Engine have phone support?

Yes, it has. When upgrading to any of its plans from the start-up plan, you can avail of its 24/7 phone support. Indeed, you are likely to connect with their support team via live chat anytime you need it.

Final takeaway – WP Engine Review For WordPress

To put it simply, WP Engine is leading when it comes to WordPress hosting specifically. Though it has some drawbacks like pricey plans and overage charges – it is still worth investing in high-performing managed WordPress servers. Ultimately, site security, performance, and scalability stay top as always.

And, WP Engine excels in all these hosting aspects and make certain the hassle-free, secured and reliable performance of your WordPress sites.

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